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Urban Forest Management Program: UFMP + SIP


The Urban Forest Management Program is the culmination of almost 6 years of planning, public engagement, and analysis resulting in the a comprehensive plan for managing the City’s urban forest resource. An urban forest is defined as all of the trees and woody shrubs growing within an urban area. The backbone of the Program, the Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP), further delineates the publicly-managed trees along streets, in parks, and at City facilities as the community urban forest.

The UFMP is the policy guide for managing, enhancing, and growing trees in the City of Sammamish over the next twenty (20) years. The Plan includes long-range goals to promote resilience, species diversity, and sustainable canopy cover. and includes goals and objectives around Urban Forest Sustainability, Efficiency in Municipal Operations, and Community Collaboration and Engagement.

The UFMP was adopted by the City Council in November of 2019 and soon after, staff, with consultant support from Davey Resource Group, began developing a Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP). The SIP is a set of three tools used to implement the goals identified in the UFMP and facilitates the development of biennial workplans that guide the City’s urban forestry work. Those three tools are:

  • Implementation Strategies Matrix. The matrix is a comprehensive list of implementation actions that were suggested during the development of the UFMP by the City Council, Planning Commission, public, and internal stakeholder groups along with guidance from the Davey Resource Group. The actions are the concrete steps that will be incorporated in biennial Urban Forest Management Workplans.

  • Biennial Urban Forestry Workplans, which are created by placing actions from the Implementation Strategies Matrix on two-year workplans that align with the City’s biennial budget cycle.

  • State of the Urban Forest Report which will be prepared and presented in January of each year. The report will account for the workplan progress made the previous year as well as preview the coming year’s work and allow for workplan revisions as necessary.

On July 6, 2021, the City Council approved the 2021-2022 Urban Forest Management Workplan and the Strategic Implementation Plan.


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UFMP Documents:

Urban Forest Management Plan

Urban Forest StoryMap

University of Washington - Sammamish Land and Canopy Cover Analysis

SIP Documents:

2021-2022 Urban Forest Management Workplan

Implementation Strategies Matrix

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