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Urban Forest Management Plan

Urban Forest StoryMap

University of Washington - Sammamish Land and Canopy Cover Analysis


SIP Documents:

2021-2022 Urban Forest Management Workplan

Implementation Strategies Matrix



Tree Resources



Check out the beginner's guide to tree planting!

About Tree Planting

Native Plants: 

Why choose native plants? Native plants are well-adapted to the weather in the Pacific Northwest making them an excellent choice in your backyard! Native plants are low-maintenance, maintain habitats for local wildlife, and control erosion which can prevent water runoff and flooding. Learn more about native plants and their benefit!

About Native Plants

Native Plants List

Tree Topping:

What is tree topping and why is it harmful? Learn more about tree topping and what alternatives are available.

About Tree Topping

Street Trees:

What is a street tree? When is a permit required to remove one? Find out more!

About Street Trees


Tree Removal Permitting:

Do you need a permit to take down a tree? Is your tree a significant tree, or a heritage tree? It depends! Use these guides below to learn more and begin the permit application process.

Tree Permitting Guide

Tree Permit Application

Removing Trees in Critical Areas and Buffers:

Vegetation within critical areas and critical area buffers is generally protected. Find out more about removing hazardous trees!

Hazard Tree Removal in Critical Areas

Calculating Diameter Breast Height:

DBH is the standard used to measure the size of a tree and is 54 inches above ground. Use this calculator to measure your tree.

Diameter Breast Height Calculator

Allowable Tree Removal:

Sammamish Municipal Code 21.03.060 provides the removal standards for significant trees.


Tree Pruning:

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