Project Background & History


This project will widen Issaquah Fall City Road to four lanes, between 242nd Ave SE and Klahanie Dr SE. The additional lanes along with roundabouts at 242nd, 247th, and Klahanie Drive will improve traffic flow and reduce commute times on this highly-congested roadway. 

Goals and Benefits

As part of the newly annexed section of the City (January 1, 2016), SE Issaquah-Fall City Road is a vital connection route to residents of the City of Sammamish and surrounding communities. This project will double the existing two-lane section to a four-lane section and promote the City’s goals of complete streets by including bike lanes, sidewalks, landscaping, and a protected student crossing at Pacific Cascade Middle School. A bridge located between 247th and Klahanie Drive will raise the roadway to improve safety and meet federal driver stopping sight distance requirements. North Fork Issaquah Creek will be removed from a culvert underneath the roadway into a stream channel spanned by the bridge.

Project milestones

The 60% design plans, specs, and estimate have been delivered and work has begun on moving to 90% completion. The 90% plans are due to be completed this summer with a 2019 construction start date.


3/22/16 City Council reviewed and approved Design Contract
4/19/16 Council Briefing 1, Project Introduction
5/12/16 Public Meeting 1, Pacific Cascade Middle School
May 2016: Began Project Stakeholder Meetings with Schools, Churches, Businesses, Homeowners Associations (details below)
5/24/16 Council Briefing 2, Public Meeting 1 Summary
7/13/16 Public Meeting 2, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Meeting Summary
7/19/16 Council Briefing 3, Public Meeting 2 Summary
7/20/16 Transportation Committee Meeting
7/28/16 Meeting with Issaquah School District, Principal of Pacific Cascade Middle School 
8/2/16 Meeting between the Transportation Committee, Eastridge Church (242nd Intersection) 
9/2/16 Transportation Committee Project Update
10/17/16 Hunters Ridge, Hunters Place, Caliterra HOA meeting
1/10/17 City Council Meeting Presentation on Bridge vs Culvert Stream Crossing
2/7/17 City Council Stream Crossing Selection Presentation (Bridge was selected)
6/1/17 Public Meeting 3
7/17/17 30% Plan Design completed
10/26/17 Construction and Detour Public Workshop here
11/17/17 60% Plan Design completed
3/13/18 City Council Study Session
4/10/18 City Council Study Session
5/1/18 City Council Consent Agenda Approval of Roadway Closure for Bridge Construction

Current work item: Progression from 60 to 90% Plan Design

Summer 2018 Receive JARPA permit approval from Army Corps and SEPA from DOE
Summer 2018 Complete Project Right-of-Way
Summer 2018 100% Plan Completion 
December 2018 Project Bid Advertisement *as currently planned
January 2019 Award Construction Contract *current schedule
February 2019 Public Meeting 4 *current schedule
Spring/Summer 2019 Begin Construction *current schedule


$28M will be programmed in the 2017-2022 City of Sammamish Six Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for phase 1 of the Issaquah Fall City Road (IFCR) project, between 242nd and Klahanie Drive. $20M will be allocated in the Six Year TIP for phase 2 of the IFCR project, from Klahanie Drive to Issaquah Beaver Lake Road.

Connecting Washington Logo

A $5M CONNECTING WASHINGTON grant has been awarded to the project. Funds will be allocated for project construction costs, with $3.5M in Phase 1, and $1.5M for Phase 2 construction.

NOTE: The phase 1 budget estimate has been modified to include a bridge. Please keep in mind that TIP values are planning level estimates that include design, construction, right of way and environmental estimates. Engineer's quantity & cost estimates are developed continually throughout the design process, and increase in accuracy as the project nears construction. 

Permits, Environmental Review

4/28/16 onsite meeting with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), the City, and Environmental Engineering Consultant staff
9/22/16 SEPA kickoff with WSDOT, the City, and Consultant staff

public utilities

Sammamish Plateau Water is planning to replace approximately 800 feet of an existing 8-inch water main crossing the North Fork of Issaquah Creek. The 8-inch water main was a placeholder for a planned 16-inch transmission main that the District intended to complete when King County raised the road. Plans for the new 16-inch water main will be developed by SPW. For additional information regarding the water utilities, please email SPW's project manager, Jackson Dove ( or call him at (425) 392-6256.

outreach overview

The project outreach efforts listed below are part of the City of Sammamish's commitment to engage and communicate with the public during the alternatives development and design phase of the Issaquah-Fall City Road Improvements Project.

project stakeholder Meetings

4/21/16 Multi-Agency, Interdisciplinary, Stakeholder Advisory (MAISA) Team: WSDOT, City of Issaquah, City of Sammamish, King County 
5/2/16 Issaquah Montessori School
5/3/16 Klahanie Homeowners Association
5/4/16 Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
5/5/16 Snoqualmie Springs School
5/9/16 Issaquah School District, District Officials
5/11/16 Eastridge Church
5/13/16 Pacific Cascade Middle School
6/24/16 Klahanie QFC
7/6/16 Eastridge Church
7/28/16 Issaquah School District Officials, Principal of Pacific Cascade Middle School
8/2/16 Eastridge Church
8/4/16 Summit Homes, Copper Ridge Housing Development
9/29/16 Summit Homes, Copper Ridge Housing Development
9/30/16 Member of Local Boy Scout Troup
10/17/16 Caliterra, Hunters Place, Hunters Ridge HOA reps
5/8/17 Sammamish Community Involvement Group
5/16/17 Homeowner on Corridor
5/23/17 Pacific Cascade Middle School
5/23/17 Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
5/25/17 Caliterra
5/30/17 Eastridge Church
5/31/17 Snoqualmie Springs School
5/31/17 Pinnacle Assoc (Trossachs) Board Meeting
6/5/17 Beaver Lake Community Club
7/5/17 WA State Transportation Improvement Board Project Meeting and Site Visit
8/2/17 Homeowner on Corridor
8/3/17 PSE Power Utility Coordination Meeting
8/10/17 Sammamish Plateau Utility Coordination Meeting
8/23/17 Zayo Group (Fiber Optic) Utility Coordination Meeting 
8/30/17 PSE Gas Utility Coordination Meeting
8/30/17 Corridor property owners
9/18/17 Corridor property owners
11/22/17 Samm Plat Water Line Coordination
12/4/17 Project pre-application meeting with King County DPER
12/5/17 Homeowners at 252nd Ave SE (S leg of Klahanie Intersection)
1/11/18 PSE Coordination Meeting
3/27/18 Washington State Transportation Improvement Board Officials
5/14/18 Hunters Ridge HOA and City of Sammamish Mayor Christie Malchow
project updates
9/26/16 Issaquah Montessori School
9/27/16 Snoqualmie Springs School
9/27/16 Shepherd of the Hills Church
10/6/16 Klahanie HOA
1/9/17 Project Update from City Manager to Project Stakeholders
9/20/17 Informational Drop-in at the Sammamish Farmers Market
10/17/17 Snoqualmie Springs School and neighboring corridor property owner
10/19/17 Hunters Ridge HOA
10/20/17 Pacific Cascade Middle School
10/24/17 Hunters Place HOA
10/25/17 Klahanie HOA
10/30/17 Between Lochner and Endeavor Elementary School
12/7/17 Issaquah Montessori School
2/20/18 Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
3/8/18 Eastridge Church
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