2018 Curb Ramp Retrofit and Sidewalk

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2018 Curb Ramp Retrofit and Sidewalk Repair Construction Schedule:


Work to be done

Site 1: NE 37th Way

To: 205th Pl NE
From: Sahalee Way NE

Updates Coming Soon

Site 2: 205th Pl NE

To: NE 24th Pl
From: NE 33rd Ct

Currently under construction.

Site 3: Klahanie Blvd

To: Issaquah-Pine Lake Road
From: 245th Ave SE

Substantial Completion: 5/25

Site 4: 228th Ave SE

To: SE 40th St
From: SE 35th St


Site 5: 206th Ave SE

From: E Lake Samm Parkway
To: Cul-de-Sac

Substantial Completion: 6/1

General Information about the Project:

Hours of work will be between 7:00 am and 5:00pm  daily. 

Driveway Access
 on most streets will remain open throughout most of the construction.

Street parking may be hindered around areas where curb ramps, sidewalks and curbs will be retrofitted.  Signs will be posted in advance of the work to notify residents of the parking restrictions.

Waste and Recycling Schedule is not changed due to construction.

Tree Trimming and plant removal may need to be done in front of your house. If there is vegetation in front of your property that extends withing two feet of the sidewalk, it will need to be pruned back to allow the equipment to excavate and pour concrete. Please trim the vegetation along your property if this is the case. City crews or the Contractor will trim vegetation as needed for the project. However, they will only be doing the minimum needed to clear the road for sidewalk/curb and some additional trimming may need to be completed afterwards by the adjacent property owner.

The project has been advertised at Builders Exchange http://www.bxwa.com
The bid due date was 3/22/2018.
Council Award Date was 4/17/2018.

The work dates listed are subject to change due to weather, equipment and occasional scheduling conflicts.

The contractors will be back to install sod behind ramps/sidewalk where grass existed.  The City decided to allow the contractors to wait on installing the sod until the wetter season began.

Updated: BR 06.06.18

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