2017 Pavement Overlay Schedule

2017 Construction Schedule:


Work to be done


July 14th - Door hangers/begin site preparation
Week of July 24th - Site preparations/patching"
Week of July 31st - Planing/Patching (and Top Lift, if time)
8/8-8/15 - Paving.

Rough Paving Schedule: (**Schedule subject to change)
       207th Pl NE
       NE 38th St
       NE 38th Pl
       204th Pl NE
       NE 38th Ct
       203rd Ave NE

       203rd Ave NE (One lane at a time)
       NE 39th St (One lane at a time)
       NE 37th Way (One lane at a time)
       204th Ave NE (One lane at a time)
       206th Pl NE (One lane at a time)

       NE 36th St
       211th Pl NE

       Finish NE 36th St
       Finish 211th Pl NE
       217th Pl NE

Site 2: NE 22ND ST

8/7 - Preparation.
8/8-8/9 - Full Roadway Planing.
8/17 - Paving.


8/7 - Preparation
8/7-8/8 - Edge Planing.
8/11-8/15 - Patching.
8/16-8/17 - Paving.


8/7 - Preparation
8/9-8/10 - Edge Planing.
8/11-8/15 - Patching.
Week of 8/21 - Paving.


July 5th - No Parking signs up/Door Hangers
July 6th/7th - Site/Street Preparation
Week of July 10th - Pavement Repairs
Week of July 10th and 17th - Overlay Top Lift

Paving is completed (Except for NE 9th St - waiting on installation of a drain underneath the roadway.)

Items Left: Raising utilities


July 5th - No Parking signs up/Door Hangers
July 6th/7th - Site/Street Preparation
Week of July 10th - Pavement Repairs
Week of July 10th and 17th - Overlay Top Lift

Paving is completed

Items Left: Raising Utilties


Future Construction.


Future Construction.

General Information about the Project:

Hours of work will be between 7:00 am and 5:00pm  daily. 

Driveway Access
 on most streets will remain open throughout most of the construction but traffic will be reduced to sharing a lane controlled by flaggers. In cul-de-sacs, crews will work with the residents to temporarily close the cul-de-sac so that paving operations can be completed quickly. During the actual paving process, there is typically a two to three hour time period where access to driveways is not allowed. This is time needed for the pavement to cool and harden before traffic can drive on it.

On Street Parking on the days of construction, on-street parking will need to be restricted. Signs will be posted in advance of the work to notify residents of the parking restrictions.

Waste and Recycling Schedule is not changed due to construction. When days of paving and waste collection coincide, we work with the collection service to adjust their route schedule and focus first on the streets that are being paved. If there is construction in your neighborhood, please be sure to have your waste and recycling out extra early.

Tree Trimming may need to be done in front of your house. If there is vegetation in front of your property that extends out into the street, it will need to be pruned back to allow the equipment to do the street resurfacing. Please trim the vegetation along your property if this is the case. City crews or the Contractor will trim vegetation as needed for the project. However, they will only be doing the minimum needed to clear the road for paving and some additional trimming may need to be completed afterwards by the adjacent property owner.

Street Cuts - Ordinance # 02001-78 prohibits the excavation of resurfaced or newly constructed roads for a minimum of five years following construction or paving. If you are planning to have any underground utility work done, such as water, sewer, telephone, gas, electrical, etc., you are strongly encouraged to expedite this work if it involves utility work under the new pavement. Please call us as soon as possible to coordinate this work.

The project has been advertised at Builders Exchange http://www.bxwa.com
The bid due date was 5/11/2017.

The work dates listed are subject to change due to weather, equipment and occasional scheduling conflicts with other regional paving work.

Updated: BR 08.7.17

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