2017 Stormwater Code Amendments

Project Overview:

The Public Works Department is reviewing existing stormwater development code, specifically affecting the Inglewood Historic Plat area.  The goal of the project is to recommend development code amendments that will balance property development rights with protection of infrastructure and natural resources.  Secondary project goals include clarifying definitions and simplifying the permitting process.


Relevant Municipal Code:



SMC 13.10.340 Impervious surface.

SMC 13.10.590 Replaced impervious surface.

SMC 21A.15.680 Landslide hazard areas.

SMC 21A.15.681 Landslide hazard drainage area.

SMC 21A.15.417 Erosion hazard near sensitive water body overlay.

SMC 21A.15.254 Critical areas.

SMC 21A.15.255 Critical drainage area.


Permit Thresholds

SMC 13.20.020 Drainage review – When required – Type.

SMC 16.20.200 Work exempt from permit.

SMC 16.15.050 Clearing and grading permit required – Exceptions.


Development Code

SMC 13.20.030 Drainage review – Requirements.

SMC 21A.50.260 Landslide hazard areas – Development standards and permitted alterations.

SMC 21A.50.225 Erosion hazards near sensitive water bodies overlay.


Relevant Ordinances:

Ordinance 2005-193        Critical Areas Ordinance

Ordinance 2009-250        Erosion hazard Near Sensitive Water Bodies: Overlay

Ordinance 2011-304        Title 13 Surface Water Management

Ordinance 2013-350        Environmentally Critical Areas Code Update

Ordinance 2014-373        Emergency Surface Water Management Regulations

Ordinance 2015-389        Surface Water Regulations – Historic Plats

Ordinance 2015-387        Emergency Surface Water Regulations

Ordinance 2016-428        SMC Title 13 – Surface Water Management

Ordinance 2016-429        Low Impact Development Code Amendments




Letter mailers were sent to all property owners within the Inglewood Historic Plat area.  A public meeting was held on May 25, 2017 to summarize the current stormwater requirements and document comments from residents on the practicable application of the current municipal stormwater code.  Public comments will be used to support recommended stormwater code amendments.  



Planning Commission Work Session                          September 6, 2017

Planning Commission Public Hearing/Deliberation      September 21, 2017

Planning Commission Public Hearing/Deliberation      October 5, 2017

Staff Introduction to City Council                              November 13, 2017

City Council 1st Reading/Public Hearing                     November 21, 2017

City Council 2nd Reading/Adoption                            December 5, 2017


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