Inglewood Subbasin Plan... a plan for Stormwater

Project Summary

In the late eighties and early nineties, King County developed the East Lake Sammamish Basin and Nonpoint Action Plan. That plan now needs updating and the city has approached the update process at the subbasin level. The first subbasin that was updated was the Inglewood Basin. The Inglewood Basin is comprised of the land area that drains to the George Davis Creek.

The general purpose of a basin plan is to characterize the basin as it is today and to forecast how the basin characteristics will evolve in the future. This is often done using hydrologic and hydraulic modeling. The products of the basin plan usually take the form of structural and non-structural action plans. Structural action plans are often identified as Capital Improvement Projects. An example of a non-structural action plan could be a proposed change in the way development is regulated in the basin with respect to water resources.

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