Transportation Master Plan



The City is developing its first Transportation Master Plan (TMP) which will include both short- and long-range strategies leading to the development of a multimodal transportation system to help achieve the City’s transportation vision and goals over the next 20 years.  

The TMP will provide a strategic framework and prioritized investments to help improve our citizens’ quality of life. In doing so, there are several issues and needs to consider when deciding how and where to spend limited resources. These include:

  • Addressing the challenges of growth on the transportation network;
  • Promoting safety for all users;
  • Developing a long-term, sustainable financing plan;
  • Finding a way to achieve a connected road network while maintaining neighborhood character;
  • Integrating new technologies; and
  • Finding ways to partner with transit agencies, school districts, regional partners, and others to meet the community’s most pressing transportation-related needs.

How do we get there?

With your help, of course!  We want to continue to hear from the community to better understand transportation needs and priorities.  Through our engagement with the community, we will be answering the following key questions: 

TMP Key Questions graphic.png

Keep an eye out for our new online public engagement platform, coming online in July.  This platform will be used in addition to community events, workshops, and other outreach tools.

TMP 2019 Engagement Schedule.png
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