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Sammamish Town Center (not licensed)

How to Apply for Right of Way Permit

Community Development

Permit Center

(425) 295 0531

Type A, B, C and D Permits


ROW Permit Process

  1. Type A Permits must apply at least 8 weeks prior to your desired event date. Permit review times may vary between 2 to 12 weeks and are based on the project's complexity 
  2. Obtain the appropriate application form from the list below. 
  3. Gather and complete all required materials. 
  4. Submit the application and required materials using 
  5. Note: Once fees have been paid reviews will begin. 
  6. If additional information is necessary to complete the review, your application will be returned to you via along with comments. 
  7. Once all requirements have been satisfied and your invoice has been paid in full, your permit will be issued along with any special conditions via