Plowing is Underway on Neighborhood Streets

Release Date: February 13, 2019
snowplow 1.jpg

Great news! City crews have begun plowing your neighborhoods today.

Please be patient – we are working with five plows, and have roughly 120 miles of neighborhood streets and cul-de-sacs to cover. The process could take several days.  The crews are working on a systematic approach across the City to ensure that all public streets are getting plowed.  

Please do not call in a request to plow your street at this time.  If the City were to perform the work on a request basis we would most likely miss a street and result in unnecessary impact to our residents.

We’re working on getting the other four plows fixed to help get this job done more quickly.

If you have a medical emergency and your street still has not been plowed – first, call 911 and explain to the 911 operator that your street has not been plowed. The emergency response crews will contact us directly if our crews are needed to help respond.

  As a reminder, the city does not plow driveways or private streets.

 Be aware, once the plows are through your street there will be snow debris along the edges; the city does not come back to remove this debris.