Sammamish Fireworks Regulations Provide Protection for Our Community

Release Date: June 27, 2019

It’s been illegal to use personal fireworks in the City of Sammamish for years – to help protect people from injury and also to protect property.  Last year there were 301 reports of fireworks-related incidents in Washington State. Of those, 209 involved injuries and 92 led to fires, including 71 wildfires, resulting in $161,475 in damage.


In 2018 the City of Sammamish made changes to its fireworks regulations; the changes outline who can be held responsible for illegal possession and discharge of fireworks.  Under these regulations, the discharge of fireworks by any “responsible person” will result in a $1000 penalty for the first violation, $5000 for the second, and $10,000 for a third violation.


What You Need to Know

The fireworks regulations, found here, define a “responsible person” as: 

  • The person(s) with the right to control the property at the time that the discharge of fireworks occurs, whether such control arises by ownership, lease, or other legal right and whether or not such person(s) are present at the time of such discharge;
  • The person(s) in immediate control of property at which the discharge of fireworks takes place; or
  • The person(s) who organizes, supervises, sponsors, conducts, allows, controls, or controls access to the discharge of fireworks.


This means that you, as the property owner, could be held responsible for fireworks that are discharged on your property, even if you’re not on the property at the time of discharge.


We encourage all property owners to inform family members, guests, and renters of these regulations.


Please play it safe and leave the fireworks to the professionals – join us for a fantastic show at the 4th on the Plateau! This FREE event at Sammamish Commons kicks off at 6 p.m. with live bands, food trucks, bouncy houses, and more; the fireworks show begins at 10 pm. 


Remember: To report fireworks in your neighborhood please use the non-emergency dispatch number 206-296-3311.


For more information on Sammamish’s fireworks Ordinance visit, Chapter 8.10 Fireworks.

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