Sammamish Youth Board Helps Build Stronger Community

Release Date: September 17, 2019

The fall season brings the new school year, which also means a new year for the Sammamish Youth Board. The City’s Parks and Recreation Department facilitates this active body of young people as a result of the creativity and drive of a local high school graduate and the City’s support and dedication to bettering the lives of Sammamish youth. 

The Sammamish Youth Board’s mission is to unite youth, adults and government to form a relationship that promotes equality and mutual respect, as well as to create integral activities that lead to a stronger community.

The Youth Board provides a safe place for youth to voice their concerns and bring suggestions to improve the young residents of Sammamish. Local youth are welcomed and encouraged to attend meetings and participate in Sammamish Youth Board-sponsored events.

The Board consists of three major pillars: Community Service (coordinating service projects), Programs (planning events) and City Liaison (conduit with city commissions and Council).

If you or a young person you know of is interested in serving their community and expanding their leadership skills, get involved! All meetings are open to the public and held from 6-7:30 at Sammamish City Hall. 

Upcoming 2019-2020 meeting dates are October 16, November 13* (exception*: This meeting held at Lodge at Beaver Lake), December 18, January 15, March 18, April 22 and May 13. Formal applications for the 2020-2021 school year will be available on the city’s website in Spring 2020. 


Pictured: Every fall the Sammamish Youth Bard kicks off the school year with a retreat in the woods at YMCA’s Camp Terry. Members participate in team building games and low ropes course activities to get to know each other and learn what each member brings to the group to make it a success.