2019 Annual Report from Hazardous Waste Management

Release Date: September 15, 2020

Here is the 2019 Annual Report from Hazardous Waste Management.

Additional updates from the Hazardous Waste Management Program:

Annual Report – Partnering with Cities

The Hazardous Waste Management Program is pleased to share with you our annual report (see attached), which provides key information on the progress in reducing toxic chemical exposures in King County. Check out page 6 to see how the program works in partnership with local jurisdictions, the Snoqualmie Tribe and community-based organizations to increase the availability of resources and services to all rate payers. The recycling and haz waste collection events in your cities are funded in part by the Haz Waste Program!

Comprehensive Plan

The Program has also been hard at work updating our Comprehensive Plan for the next ten years! We are currently conducting initial research, and will reach out to SCA members this fall to share what we have learned thus far and ask for your feedback. This is an opportunity for you, as jurisdictional partners, to influence the plan at an early stage, and ultimately, the work the Haz Program focuses on for the next ten years. We hope that you participate and provide feedback to ensure the Hazardous Waste Management Program is meeting the needs of your communities! The Program will also connect with participating city staff members through their City/Tribal Staff Workgroup, which meets quarterly.

Our commitment to racial equity is reflected in the Comprehensive Plan

The Haz Program is reaffirming our commitment to our vision that “race is not a determinant of hazardous materials exposure in households and businesses in King County” throughout the Plan Update. We are working towards this goal by centering community voice by proactively reaching out to community-based organizations to inform and guide the Plan Update process, just as we are seeking your input. 

New website and E-Newsletter

Lastly, the Program has an informative new website aimed at better serving all our customers, so please check it out! And as SCA members, look for the Program’s e-newsletter landing in your inboxes soon – please sign up if you haven’t yet received it!