City Launches Branding Effort

Release Date: January 31, 2018

The City of Sammamish has recently begun a research-driven, community-wide branding initiative to define and highlight what is distinct and special about our beloved Sammamish home.

Next week the City will launch the first step in our community branding initiative, conducting research to figure out what Sammamish's existing reputation is. City staff and branding consultant, North Star Destination Strategies, will reach out to a variety of community leaders representing a broad spectrum of the population (e.g. civic leaders, environmental advocates, historians, and representatives from arts and culture) to determine and validate Sammamish’s greatest strengths and assets. The research collected will allow the consultants to describe our community’s story based on our greatest strengths, and develop creative tools, strategies, and advocacy programs that help close the gap between the two.

“This process will assist us in communicating our community’s unique and special character and how that is meaningful and relevant for all of us,” said City Manager Lyman Howard.  “The end result will be a brand that reflects our shared vision for our community, while also allowing us to distinguish how we celebrate and communicate about Sammamish to interested audiences.”

The City of Sammamish branding effort is possible due to a $61,250 grant from the Port of Seattle. To bring outside objectivity to the project, Sammamish has partnered with Nashville-based North Star Destination Strategies. North Star has helped develop community brands for over 200 communities in 45 states nationwide. The final product from North Star will include a refreshed logo, wayfinding, and a variety of deliverables that will help the City develop materials that have a consistent and professional look and feel.


 “The research will not only tell our existing story, it will yield insights that point us in the direction of our desired future story,” says Communications Manager Kellie Stickney. “I encourage all of our community members to be involved as we craft our collective story and vision.”


If you are interested in learning more about Sammamish’s branding initiative, visit  You can register there to be notified when the community-wide survey is available. To learn more about North Star Destination Strategies, go to

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