City Council Renews Moratorium for Additional Six Months

Release Date: March 07, 2018

During their Regular Business Meeting on Tuesday, March 6, the City Council voted to renew the current building moratorium an additional six months to allow the Council additional time to consider possible amendments to its Comprehensive Plan and regulations to address transportation concurrency and traffic impacts related to development and growth.


On October 3, 2017, the City Council adopted emergency Ordinance O2017-445, which established a six-month moratorium on the acceptance of certain applications for land use, development and building permits or approvals. The City Council sees problems with development and growth in the City of Sammamish under current regulations. The City Council will take the additional time to address concerns regarding transportation, including concurrency and traffic impacts. The City has retained an experienced traffic engineering and consulting firm to provide substantial technical assistance in reviewing the City’s existing traffic model and related data, and is working toward the completion of amendments to its Comprehensive Plan and regulations.


In addition to renewing the moratorium, the City Council also made progress on addressing transportation concurrency during their meeting by approving a preferred approach to developing a transportation concurrency policy and Level of Service (LOS). The preferred approach is described as the intersection-wide, volume weighted average delay with an LOS of D, with allowance for LOS E where LOS D cannot be achieved per the 2015 Comprehensive Plan. Under this direction, City staff will draft a new concurrency methodology and prepare draft amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and associated regulations.

Figure 1- Level of Service Criteria Detailed Explanation


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