Sammamish Detective Bill Albright Awarded King County Sheriff’s Office Detective of the Year

Release Date: April 02, 2018

The City of Sammamish is pleased to announce that Sammamish Police Detective Bill Albright was recognized as the King County Sherriff’s Office Detective of the Year.


Detective Albright has served the Sammamish Police Department for the past eighteen years. In his department, Detective Albright is known for diligence, dedication, and his willingness to provide support and mentorship to other officers.  Albright is sought out by his colleagues as a veritable expert in a variety of fields related to criminal activity. He can take on complex fraud or embezzlement cases, recognize sophisticated con games, and master complex burglary or theft investigations.


“I have worked with numerous detectives and I’ve met few more dedicated to their city then Detective Albright,” said Chief Michelle Bennett. “He not only excels in his own detective work, but he goes above and beyond to train new detectives, thereby raising the proficiency of the entire department.”


“We are so pleased to have officers serving with the Sammamish Police Department that are of the caliber of Detective Bill Albright,” said Deputy City Manager Jessi Bon. “Detective Albright exemplifies the high standards and commitment to excellence that we expect of all of our Sammamish police officers.”


For more information visit City of Sammamish Police Department.