Phase I & II


Opening in the fall of 2011, Evans Creek Preserve (ECP) is located in unincorporated King County on the city of Sammamish’s northern border. This undeveloped open space includes a segment of Evans Creek, large areas of wetlands, steep slopes, and open meadow areas. A diverse collection of wildlife calls ECP home, including deer, black bears, hawks, songbirds, and beavers. 

The first phase of construction was completed in September 2011 and includes a 10-stall parking lot, tool shed for volunteer work parties, informational kiosks, park restrooms and over 2 miles of trails. A majority of the trails were built in partnership with the Washington Trail Association, a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve, enhance and promote hiking opportunities in Washington State through collaboration, education, advocacy and volunteer trail maintenance. In addition, members of the community, corporations, nonprofits, church and school groups volunteered and helped build the first phase of ECP. Get more information regarding phase I construction.

Starting in January 2013, park planning staff started working on phase II design which includes adding approximately 2 miles trails on the southern slopes of the Preserve. Construction of the new trails started in May 2014 and will be completed by the end of 2015. The parking lot and trailhead opened at end of August 2014 with parking stalls added, a new park kiosk, site furnishing, park entry signs and landscaping.



  1. Protect, enhance and restore sensitive areas.
  2. Protect soil stability onsite, surface waters from pollution and water quality of Evans Creek.
  3. Plan for appropriate public access including recreational and educational opportunities.


  1. Project SEPA
  2. HPA
  3. Construction NPDES
  4. King County Clear and Grade
  5. King County Building Permit
  6. King County Department of Health
  7. King County Demolition Permit


$850,000 in the City's 2011/2012 CIP Fund for Phase I design and construction.
$250,000 in the City's 2013/2014 CIP Fund for Phase II design and construction.
$25,000 in the City's 2015/2016 CIP Fund for Phase II trail construction.

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