Beaver Lake Park Master Plan


Beaver Lake Park is an 83 acre park in the southeast section of the City. The park was transferred to the City from King County in January 2003 and currently contains a large pavilion and lodge with public restrooms on the east side of the park and three ball fields, an off leash area, a picnic shelter, play structure and restrooms on the west side. These two areas are separated by forested area in the middle of the park. The park also has 1900 lineal feet of shoreline along Beaver Lake on the east end of the park. Over the past few years, incremental improvements have been made at the park on an as needed basis. The motivation for the master plan is to look at the park as a whole in a comprehensive manner through a process which involves the Sammamish Community.

Project Updates

A SEPA review of the master plan was completed. The City Council adopted the preferred alternative for Beaver Lake Park Master Plan on July 20, 2010.

Goals and benefits

  • To invite community interest and participation.
  • Provide a strategic footprint for future needs and improvements.
  • Address parking, circulation and opportunities for water activities.
  • Natural resource management.


  • Consultant Selection - Winter 2008
  • Conduct investigation of site constraints and opportunities - Spring 2009
  • Conduct Model Master Plan Process – Spring through Fall 2009
  • SEPA Permitting – Winter 2009 through Spring 2010 
  • City Council adoption of Master Plan – Summer 2010
  • Phase I Design - To Be Determined 


The Berger Partnership


$125,000 has been allocated in the 2009 budget to complete the Master Plan for Beaver Lake Park. The 2010 budget has $1,750,000 allocated for Phase I improvements, as identified by the Master Plan.

Public involvement

Community Survey

Public Meetings All public meetings will be held at City hall from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

  • Stakeholders Meeting #1: March 23rd 2009
    (Active and programmed recreation)
  • Stakeholders Meeting #2: March 24th 2009
    (Environmental and passive recreation)
  • Public Meeting #1: April 15th 2009
  • Public Meeting #2: June 3rd 2009 (at Beaver Lake Lodge)
  • Public Meeting #3: September 3rd, 2009 (at Beaver Lake Lodge)
  • Public Meeting #4: November 4th, 2009

Parks Commission

  • Early Input Meeting: March 11th 2009
  • Review of MP Alternates: June 9th 2009 (Joint Meeting with City Council)
  • Review of Preferred Master Plan: November 11th 2009

City Council Updates

  • Early Input Meeting: March 10th 2009
  • Review of MP Alternates: June 9th 2009 (Joint Meeting with Parks Commission)
  • Review of Preferred Master Plan: December 15th 2009
  • Council Adoption of the Master Plan: Scheduled for July 20, 2010

Permits, Environmental review

  • Phased Project SEPA for the Master Plan

Related documents and photos

Please note that the preview of Master Plan graphics are only meant to provide a general idea of the various configurations of facilities that can be accommodated on the site and are not standalone documents.

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