Land Acquisition Strategy & Implementation Program


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Study Overview:

The City of Sammamish recently adopted a land acquisition strategy and implementation program to proactively acquire more land to serve public needs. The strategy will guide near-term and long-term acquisition activities to support the community’s growth and diverse needs and interests. 

The City Council and City Administration are committed to preserving open space so that future generations may benefit from the natural beauty of Sammamish. Traditionally, this preservation has been accomplished by implementing policies and regulatory tools such as the Comprehensive Plan and Sammamish Municipal Code. However, the City recognizes that public acquisition may provide the only opportunity to preserve land that is under increasing development pressure as the community grows. Since it is impractical for the City to purchase every potentially developable parcel, the City initiated this planning process to help prioritize acquisition efforts.

The City is often approached to acquire land, but there are no guidelines in place to evaluate properties and to determine whether they meet the goals of adopted plans. The proposed land acquisition strategy provides those tools and guides staff to explore the various methods of acquisition in an effort to optimize the use of City resources. Properties that meet the initial screening criteria will be brought to City Council for further consideration.


Incorporated in 1999, the City of Sammamish is now home to over 63,000 residents. During this time, the amount of land under City ownership, including parks, open spaces, facilities and drainage tracts has grown from 44 acres to 724 acres through transfers, purchases and generous private donations. Recent increases in private development activity throughout the community have spurred discussions about proactively acquiring more land to capture the environmental benefits of preserving natural resources, protecting habitat and retaining tree canopy.

The 2017-2022 Parks Capital Improvement Plan adopted by City Council in July 2016, identified land acquisition as a high priority and allocated a total of $13 million for land acquisition over the next six years.

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