All entities that are required to register with the State of Washington and are engaged in business activities within the Sammamish city limits, including those physically located in commercial or in-home locations inside the city limits and those coming inside the city limits to perform work must have a city of Sammamish business license.

The city is partnering with Washington State’s Department of Revenue, Business Licensing Service (BLS). Sammamish was the third city to join BLS with many more to come. It is a coordination of efforts with other municipalities and the State of Washington, to make the business license process as easy, efficient and streamlined as possible. The idea behind BLS is a one-stop license application and renewal process. For example, a Washington State business doing business in both Bellevue and Sammamish would need to fill out only one application, write one check, and receive one license from BLS showing endorsements for both Sammamish and Bellevue, as well as its state licenses and registrations.

The following entities are exempt: Governmental organizations Farmers selling their own farm products Casual or isolated sales providing they take place no more than 4 times a year. Delivery of goods by vehicle to a location in Sammamish when the actual sale took place outside the city. Taxi, limousine, airporter or similar service where the business operates from premises outside the city. Sales of goods or services by mail, telephone, or internet where the seller operates from premises located outside the city and the only event occurring within the city is receipt of the goods or services. Provision of internet or wireless phone services where the provider operates from premises located outside the city and the only event occurring within the city is receipt of the services.

Your Business License will be mailed in about two to three weeks after your complete license application information and all related fees are received by the state’s Business Licensing Service (BLS). If your application included licenses that require a longer time to be approved, you may receive an interim Business License with only some licenses listed on it, and then receive another license later on showing the rest of the licenses.