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212th Way SE Road Improvements

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212th Way SE RIGHT OF WAY, Sammamish, WA 98074

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Public Street Right-of-Way – 212th Way SE


Approval of a Public Agency / Utility Exception (PAUE) under SMC 21A.50.070 to allow the repair and improvement of a section of City Right-of-Way (ROW) following a road prism failure and landslide that has impacted road safety. The project will stabilize slopes and construct street improvements on 212th Way SE from 212th Ave SE southwesterly for approximately 2,500 lineal feet. The project will also include asphalt overlays from the end of the stabilization for approximately 1,400 lineal feet to near the intersection with E Lake Sammamish Parkway. Improvements along the slope stabilization area are to include two travel lanes with paved shoulders and concrete curb and gutter, storm system improvements, guardrail, minor utility adjustments, and retaining walls. Wetland impacts total approximately 8,845 square feet of wetland and 30,188 square feet of wetland buffer and will be mitigated through wetland creation and restoration.

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