Adopted Ordinances

Each adopted ordinance received at least two readings at an open public meeting and is frequently subject to a public hearing as well. Once approved, the adopted ordinance is codified, if appropriate, in the Sammamish Municipal Code.

The ordinance column links to an ordinance's detailed information, including its title, summary, resources and history, if applicable.

The ordinance title links to a copy of the ordinance in PDF form and the adoption meeting column to its meeting agenda, minutes, and any ordinance details.

Ordinance Title Adoption Meeting
O2017-452 Surface Water Management Rates View Meeting
O2017-451 Amending Copes Related to Stopping, Standing and Parking View Meeting
O2017-450 Comprehensive Plan Amendments View Meeting
O2017-449 Council Salary Amendment View Meeting
O2017-448 2018 Issaquah School District Impact Fees View Meeting
O2017-447 2018 Lake Washington School District Impact Fees View Meeting
O2017-446 2018 Snoqualmie Valley School District Impact Fees View Meeting
O2017-445 Emergency Building Moratorium View Meeting
O2017-444 Impound Vehicle Redemption View Meeting
O2017-443 Human Service Commission Formation View Meeting
O2017-442 Emergency Interim Ordinance Regarding Zoning Density View Meeting
O2017-441 215th Avenue NE Street Vacation View Meeting
O2017-440 Electrical Codes View Meeting
O2017-439 Biennial Budget Amended View Meeting
O2017-438 Pilot Program Interim Regulations View Meeting
O2017-437 Franchise Agreement Zayo Group View Meeting
O2017-436 Sign Code Amendments View Meeting
O2017-435 Appeal Notice Timeline Modifications View Meeting
O2017-434 City Manager Contract Authority View Meeting
O2017-433 Emergency Management View Meeting
O2017-432 Drainage Facility Maintenance View Meeting
O2017-431 Amendments to the Shoreline Master Plan Relating to Isolated Wetlands View Meeting
O2017-430 SE 4th Street Condemnation Authorization View Meeting
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