Interlocal Agreements

State law permits a local government to enter into interlocal agreements with other public agencies in the interest of cooperatively sharing resources for their mutual benefit. In accordance, the City of Sammamish has executed interlocal agreements with other public agencies for various purposes over the years.

Effective June 7, 2006, RCW 39.34.040 was amended to permit a public agency to list interlocal agreements on its website in lieu of having the agreement filed with the county auditor’s office.

The interlocal agreements shown below are posted here to comply with RCW 39.34.040 and may not have been recorded with the King County Recorder’s Office. (Other interlocal agreements can be requested by the Public Records Request process with the City Clerk’s Office.)

Title Effective Date Expiration Date Contract Number Agency
2017-2018 Pavement Preservation Program (1) 06/13/2017 N/A I2017-104 Sammamish Plateau Water & Sewer District
211th Overlay Project 09/06/2017 N/A I2017-107 Sammamish Plateau Water & Sewer District
SE 4th Street Project 07/19/2017 N/A I2017-106 Sammamish Plateau Water & Sewer District
2017-2018 Pavement Preservation Program 06/17/2017 N/A I2017-103 NE Sammamish Sewer & Water District
Animal Control Services - I2017-105 01/01/2018 N/A I2017-105 King County
Joint Use of Issaquah School District Facilities 05/05/2017 N/A I2017-102 Issaquah School District
Eastside Transportation Partnership - I2017-108 10/13/2017 N/A I2017-108 Eastside Transportation Partnership
Regional Coordination Framework for Disaster and Planned Event 02/13/2017 N/A King County