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Issaquah-Fall City Road Phase 2

Senior Project Engineer

Jim Grueber
(425) 295 0566

To request ADA accommodation, including materials in a format for the visually impaired, call 425-295-0563. Persons with impaired hearing may call Washington Relay Service at 711. Persons with speech disability may call TTY at 877-833-6341.

We are beginning Phase 2 design! The City of Sammamish is continuing improvements to SE Issaquah-Fall City Road/SE Duthie Hill Road corridor. We are beginning design for Phase 2 which is between Klahanie Dr SE and SE Issaquah-Beaver Lake Rd to improve safety and traffic flow for all users.

What's the latest?

The project was paused during 2022 to allow adoption of a new 6-year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) and review results of the Balanced Land Use and Mobility Analysis Environmental Impact Statement (BLUMA EIS).

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Why are improvements needed?

The SE Issaquah-Fall City Road/Duthie Hill Rd corridor is a vital connection route to residents of the City of Sammamish and surrounding communities. With recent decades of community growth, the needs of this old rural corridor have evolved, and change is needed. Updates are being made to better traffic flow and promote the City’s goal of complete streets by including bike lanes, sidewalks, and landscaping along with other safety and environmental improvements.

Phase 1 of the corridor, which extends from 242nd Ave SE to Klahanie Drive SE, was constructed in 2021. Phase 2 will extend improvements from Klahanie Dr SE to SE Issaquah-Beaver Lake Rd.

map indication of Phase 2 improvements for Issaquah-Fall City Road

The project area today

The corridor today consists of two-lanes with shoulders and open ditches, and lacks sidewalks, landscaping, and designated bike lanes.

Numerous driveways are along the south side of the corridor to access homes, schools, and small businesses; and Klahanie’s pedestrian trail and Green Space Preservation Tract is on the north side. Overgrown roadside vegetation often restricts sight distance and near Endeavour Elementary School, heavy rains in the winter often result in water over the roadway.

two photos: first shows oncoming view of traffic with a segment of road with an island of double yellow; second shows flooding on the road

Preliminary design concept

The preliminary design concept is based on the City’s Arterial Street standard consisting of two travel lanes, a center turn lane or planted median, bike lanes, sidewalks and streetscaping. We are currently gathering community input and data from various traffic and environmental studies to refine the preliminary design concept.

Rendering of existing roadway design cross section, showing two lanes with shoulders on both sides and the community trail separated by plantings

Rendering of cross section showing the city standard arterial roadway design, indicating two thru lanes of traffic, a center turn lane, and bike lanes and sidewalks with plantings on both sides

How will the community be involved in the Phase 2 design process?

The City’s goal is for the Phase 2 design to reflect the community’s priorities and input. Early in the design process we will be gathering feedback to inform the preliminary design process. In 2022, the City will share updates and gather additional public input to refine the vision for the design.

As design progresses, the City will continue to engage with the community to solicit feedback on specific design details, including landscaping, sidewalk and bike lane design, connections to community resources and amenities, and corridor aesthetics. We look forward to working with the community to develop this project to meet your needs and priorities.