Information Technology


Mission Statement:

Empowering People Through Innovative Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Department strives to provide the highest quality technology-based service to staff by facilitating the effective integration of technology into the City through planning, implementation, training, consulting, and other supportive activities.

The IT department is responsible for the City’s technology which includes providing support for business applications, maintaining IT infrastructure for City operations, and supports City departments in initiatives for residents and customers.

The IT team consists of the Geographic Information System (GIS) Services, IT Services, and Web Services.  

GIS Services

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Services is the team responsible for maintaining geographic and spatial data about the City’s physical infrastructure, parcels, zoning, sensitive area, etc. These services provide staff with maps that allow them to communicate, perform analysis, share information, and solve problems around the city. Driven by geography, GIS Services enables the City to respond to service requests submitted by residents on My Sammamish Fix It.

IT Services

Information Technology Services is a team of technicians who respond to requests and provides troubleshooting support on our IT HelpDesk in addition to designing, maintaining, and monitors the City’s sensitive data. This team also handles procurement, maintenance, and technical support for the systems that handles City’s vital functions such as finance, payroll, and permitting.

Web Services

The Web Services team supports City staff through development, integration, and maintenance of web-based systems. This includes the City website as well as the Intranet, and Public Record Requests. This team also manages live broadcasting of City meetings on TV21 as well as making those meeting videos available on-demand on the City’s Youtube Channel.

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