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Sammamish Town Center (not licensed)

Doing Business in Sammamish

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Kitchen of Sammamish Cafe with plates of food ready to go out to customers and chefs working in background. It says "Keep it local. Sammamish businesses. Sammamish Cafe."

Below is a helpful list of things to do when starting a new business in Sammamish.

What you need to know about permitting and licensing

Work on a business plan

Focus on fine tuning your business plan. Leverage available resources through the City and state of Washington.

Choose a location

Start researching your site and space needs. Identify potential locations for your business.

Know your site and zoning

Before moving forward on your business plan and site selection, make sure your site is zoned for your business and use. The City has a number of land use designations that allow for the operation of a business. It is important to understand the rules and regulations applicable to your location.

Verify building use and permits

Work with the City to verify land use or building permit requirements that may apply to you. Navigating the building permit process can be complicated. It's important to work with the City to understand any requirements your location or business may be subject to.

Even if you aren't planning on making any improvements or changes to a property, it's important to check with the City's Building Division. They can make sure your space meets all applicable codes and requirements. Learn more at the Permit Center.

Obtain a business license

Obtain a business license through the Washington State Business License Service. All businesses are required to have one. The city's annual business license fee is $15.00.

Meet other requirements

Make sure you’ve researched other potential licensing and permitting requirements required by the State and other entities (e.g., a liquor license).

Understand local taxes

In addition, understand the taxes you're responsible for as a business owner in Sammamish and Washington State.

Below is a brief summary of applicable taxes in the state of Washington and the City of Sammamish.

  • The city has no business and occupation tax (B&O) on businesses.

  • The city has no utility tax, including electricity, natural gas, water, sewer, solid waste, and cable TV.

  • The city has a 5% admissions tax on theaters, although none currently exist within its borders.

  • Businesses operating in Sammamish are required to report retail sales in Sammamish to the state using Tax Code 1739.

  • Businesses and consumers buying goods from out of state not for resale are required to pay use-tax on those items. A "Consumer Use Tax Return"

Sammamish Town Center

Locate your business in the heart of the city

Sammamish Town Center is the City’s newest and most ambitious mixed use residential and commercial center. It allows for a diverse range of commercial uses and is currently home to millions of dollars in private and public investment.

Learn more about the features that you may enjoy as a business at Sammamish Town Center on the Town Center project page.

Sammamish Town Center -- start or grow your business today!

Sammamish Business Portal

Sammamish is a growing city with a thriving business community. This Business Portal provides information on how to do business in the City.

Everything you need to succeed

The Sammamish Business Portal is the City’s primary online resource for businesses. It serves existing, new and future businesses as they explore opportunities to locate and grow in Sammamish. Whether you already own a business, are looking to start a business or are just interested in learning about the City, the Business Portal will provide the information you need.

Sponsored by the Port of Seattle

Sponsored by the Port of Seattle

Contact the City

For more information or to reach out directly to City staff, please contact the Front Desk for general business questions. Contact Kellye Hilde for Town Center questions.