City Manager

On March 19, 2019, the City Council voted to select Rick Rudometkin for the position of City Manager; he will begin serving in that position on May 16, 2019.

Rudometkin, who began his 25 years in public service as a Senior Public Works Inspector in Industry, CA, most recently served as the County Manager for Eddy County in New Mexico, a position he held for the past six years. He has local government experience as a Director of Public Works and as a Director of Transportation; in addition, he has an extensive financial background.
Council members cited Rudometkin’s years of experience working with a number of regional governments and agencies as one of the key factors in his favor, since developing regional partnerships will be important as the region continues to grow.

In Sammamish, the City Manager is selected by the City Council to serve as the city’s professional administrator. Among other things, the City Manager:

  • Carries out all City Council policies
  • Directs all city operations, projects and programs
  • Oversees the preparation and administration of the city budget
  • Develops strong intergovernmental relations with other jurisdictions
  • Hires city staff
  • Serves as the chief advisor to the City Council
  • Keeps the City Council apprised of the city’s financial and operational status
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