City Manager

Larry Patterson

Larry Patterson was appointed by the City Council as Interim City Manager on Thursday, August 23, 2018. Patterson brings over forty years of municipal experience to the interim position including fifteen years as City Manager for Bend Oregon, and serving as Interim City Manager for the cities of Florence, OR, Creswell, OR, and Ashland, OR. Patterson holds a Master of Arts in Government from Sam Houston State University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from California State University.  While at the City of Sammamish, Patterson will work with the City Council to move forward the budget process and search for a permanent City Manager.

In Sammamish, the City Manager is selected by the City Council to serve as the city’s professional administrator. Among other things, the City Manager:

  • Carries out all City Council policies
  • Directs all city operations, projects and programs
  • Oversees the preparation and administration of the city budget
  • Develops strong intergovernmental relations with other jurisdictions
  • Hires city staff
  • Serves as the chief advisor to the City Council
  • Keeps the City Council apprised of the city’s financial and operational status
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