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Due to significant software technical complications, permit application reviews are experiencing unavoidable delays. The IT Department is actively working with the vendor to resolve the issues. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.

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Permit Center Services Quick Guide


City of Sammamish Service Online In-Person
Questions About a Property or Potential Project  
General Questions About the Permitting Process
Submitting Project Guidance  
Submitting a Project/Permit Application  
Questions About an Existing Project/Permit Application   
Preapplication Conference
Payments for a Project/Permit Application

Permit Center Service Schedule


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Permit Center Appointments 

Preapplication Conference Appointments

Permit Center Appointments 

Preapplication Conference Appointments

Permit Center 
10 am-12 pm &
1-3 pm 


About In-Person Permit Center Services

Visitors are encouraged to wear masks, but it is not a requirement. Masks are available at City Hall and free for any visitor who wants one.  In addition, hand sanitizing stations and increased cleaning procedures are in place.

Permit Center is available to the public to answer general questions about the permit process.

  • Questions about an existing project that has a permit number should go directly to the assigned reviewer. Contact information can be found by checking the permit status at
  • Those seeking information about a specific project or parcel should submit for Project Guidance.

Permits will not be issued as a result of a Permit Center visit or meeting. Customers that are ready to submit an application can do so at

Please email to request an appointment for Mondays and Wednesdays.

Permits are Required

Any construction-related project on property located in the City of Sammamish requires a permit, or set of permits, issued by the city’s building division, per SMC 16.20.195 - Permits Required

Some work is specifically exempt from a building permit per SMC 16.20.200. Other permits may still be required. For example, see Tree Management webpage regarding tree removals or SMC 21.03.070 regarding clearing and grading regulations.