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Sammamish Town Center (not licensed)

Code Compliance

Code Compliance

Due to a high volume of code compliance cases and staff shortages, our response times may be extended. Cases are being prioritized pursuant to Sammamish Municipal Code (SMC) 23.20.010. Pursuant to SMC 23.20.020, the director may also determine no violation exists and take no further action, or for low-risk, “de minimus” violations, decide not to take further action

Code Compliance is responsible for enforcing various chapters of the Sammamish Municipal Code that address public health and safety issues. These include regulations related to zoning, dangerous and abandoned buildings, environmental violations, removal of vegetation, and junk vehicles on private property.

Our goal is to provide high-quality and responsive code compliance services to maintain and enhance safety and general welfare. Our focus is on customer service and public awareness while respecting the property rights of our citizens.

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