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2017 Port of Seattle Economic Development Project

Sammamish Economic Development Strategy

The City of Sammamish was awarded an economic development grant from the Port of Seattle through the Economic Development Partnership Program. The Port’s primary goal with the grant program is to facilitate growth in business, jobs and economic activity in participating municipalities. The City and Port have collaborated to develop a project focused on improving the City’s ability to attract and retain business while simultaneously preparing for future growth.

Key components of the project include an update of the City’s economic and demographic data, development of online business communication tools (see the City’s new business portal), and outreach with local businesses and community stakeholders.

All of the aforementioned work culminated in economic development strategic recommendations from the City’s consultant, Community Attributes. The recommendations are meant to reflect the findings and themes from each key project task and provide the City with clear, actionable recommendations to consider.

Project Resources

2017 Demographic and Economic Profile – Provides an updated look at the City’s demographic and economic makeup, including analysis of the City’s household composition, employment base, business trends and work force.

Business Fact Sheet – The business fact sheet offers a snapshot of economic and demographic data on Sammamish that make it a unique place to live and work.

Community View Points – Provides perspectives from local businesses and residents on the state of the local economy and what opportunities and challenges currently exist.

Strategic Recommendations – Provides a series of recommendations for the City to consider for future economic development efforts. The document is made up of specific strategies and actions tailored specifically for the City. Community Attributes, the City’s consultant, developed the recommendations leveraging their work on the Demographic and Economic Profile as well as through their outreach with local businesses and the community at large.

Project Sponsor

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