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Sammamish Town Center (not licensed)

Town Center

Principal Planner

Chris Hankins
(425) 295 0547

Town Center is continuing to evolve into a vibrant, urban, family-friendly gathering place. A place where our residents will be able to live, work, learn, create, and play. A place where they will be surrounded by Sammamish's natural and unique beauty.

Town Center combines living, working, getting around, and gathering. A comprehensive network of street and pedestrian connections links residential and commercial buildings. With a central green space and a variety of civic and public spaces, it's a place for community. It will provide a diversity of much-needed services and activities.

With so much just around the corner, this webpage has been designed to keep you up to date. We hope you’ll visit often!

Learn more about the Town Center

Curious to know more? Visit our Town Center FAQ page.

Town Center Background

Please visit the Background and Resources page to learn more about the Town Center planning process. You can download adopted plans and environmental documents.

Town Center Projects

Town Center development map indicating location of eight projects that have been built or are being permitted and planned


1 - SAMM Apartments
2 - Sammamish Townhomes
3 - The Village at Sammamish Town Center
4 - Sky Sammamish
5 - Sammamish Town Center SW Quadrant
6 - Brownstones West
7 - Aegis of Sammamish
8 - Lake Washington School District - New High School #10
9 - STC Phase II
10 - Brownstones East

Planning Projects

Sammamish Commons Notch Property
Town Center Plan & Development Code Amendments