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Sammamish Town Center (not licensed)

LWSD New High School #10

Principal Planner

Chris Hankins
(425) 295 0547

The Lake Washington School District is proposing a new school (UZDP2023-00099 ) in the NE Quadrant of the City of Sammamish's Town Center Subarea. The project site is proposed to be developed as an urban education campus to address current and future capacity needs within the district.

The school district is proposing a three-story building of approximately 80,000 square feet.  The school is expected to serve 600 secondary level students and will address existing overcrowding in the school district at the high school level.  Overall, the building layout includes a north educational wing and a gymnasium building to the south, connected by a covered walkway and utility yard. 

map outlining a large area for a Lake Washington School District project, encompassing two parcels

Review Status




February 28, 2023 Application Materials Submitted View Application Materials
March 8, 2023 Completeness Review  Letter of Completeness
March 21, 2023 Notice of Application Notification Public Comment Form
April 26, 2023 Open House - CANCELLED Open House Cancellation
May 22, 2023 Application Review - 1st Round of Review Review Comments
June 28, 2023 Open House - CANCELLED  
August 3, 2023 Application materials resubmitted for 2nd Round of Review  View Application Materials
August 17, 2023 Notice of Revised Application/Drainage Adjustment and Open House Notice of Revised Application
September 18, 2023 Open House  
October 12, 2023 Application Review -  2nd Round of Review  Review Comments