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Sammamish Town Center (not licensed)

Town Center FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Town Center Plan?

The Town Center Plan is a comprehensive vision, adopted in 2008 (with implementing regulations in 2010-2011), to transform Sammamish Town Center into an urban hub. It aims to create a vibrant and family-friendly gathering place that strikes a harmonious balance between urban and natural elements.

What are the boundaries of the Town Center?

The Town Center is roughly bounded on the north by East Main Street, on the south by SE 8th Street, on the east by 233rd Avenue, and on the west by 222nd Street. It also includes the 30-acre Sammamish Commons, which houses City Hall, Sammamish Community and Aquatic Center, Library, and a park.

How was the Town Center Plan developed?

The Town Center Plan was developed through extensive public outreach and participation, including over 30 public meetings, open houses, surveys, design charrettes, and other opportunities for public input. The collaborative approach ensured the plan reflected the community's vision and aspirations.

What are the goals of the Town Center Plan?

The Town Center Plan aims to create a vibrant urban oasis by integrating commercial, recreational, cultural, educational, and personal services. It emphasizes the preservation of scenic views, the enhancement of the city's distinctive character, and sustainability. The plan also focuses on fostering education, supporting workers and businesses, and promoting a lively arts community.

What developments have already taken place in the Town Center?

Since 2016, the Town Center has undergone transformation with the completion of five notable developments:

These developments offer diverse housing options, retail opportunities, pedestrian and bicycle pathways, and recreation and public gathering spaces.

What upcoming projects are planned for the Town Center?

There are several upcoming projects planned for the Town Center, including:

What is the status of these upcoming projects?

All the projects listed above are currently in various stages of permit review. For more information on each project and its status, please visit the Town Center webpage at

Is there flexibility in the Town Center Plan for individual projects?

Yes, the Town Center Plan provides flexibility in the configuration, mix of uses, circulation patterns, parking facilities, and open space design of individual project areas. Property owners can work together to plan circulation routes, open spaces, amenities, development types, parking, stormwater management facilities, and trails. However, these plans must adhere to Town Center Plan goals and polices and required development regulations.

How is the development of Town Center coordinated and reviewed?

The City of Sammamish carefully coordinates and reviews the planning processes for Town Center developments to ensure they align with the Town Center Plan guidelines and other permitting requirements. This ensures that development harnesses market dynamics, optimizes space utilization, and aligns with the community's priorities.

What is the significance of collaboration in the Town Center Project?

The Town Center Project in Sammamish demonstrates the power of collaboration through community engagement, thoughtful planning, and sustainable development. The project's success relies on the involvement of property owners, the City, and the community, as seen in the extensive public outreach efforts and coordination with developers. This collaboration helps create a bustling urban hub that offers diverse services, fosters community interaction, and cherishes Sammamish's natural beauty.