Public Works Standards Update

The City has recently updated and adopted the Public Work Standards with the 2016 Public Works Standards. These standards became in effect on January 1, 2017. Up until this date, the City relied on the Interim Public Works Standards that were adopted on April 19, 2000.

The goal of the Public Works Standards is to be updated to meet changing local, state and federal requirements and standards. The Public Works Standards will be biannually reviewed and updated as needed. The Public Works Standards will be the document to provide developers and designers assistance to the requirement for construction within Public right of way and private streets within the City of Sammamish.

The City has worked to develop and update to the current Public Works Standards. While the current version is complete and has been adopted, the City is aware that periodic updated will be needed. As updates are made aware and deemed required, the staff will work with the City Council, city staff, developers, and the public.

Public Involvement
Public involvement is strongly encouraged. As periodic updates occur public meetings and hearings will occur. The public is encouraged to submit their comments directly to contact information listed below or on the link located on this web page.

Staff Contact