Sammamish Summer of Safety - Week 1

Release Date: June 24, 2019

It’s summer and you want to focus on fun, right? You’re not alone. Public surveys list “lack of time” as the primary reason people don't take steps to prepare themselves and their families for a major emergency.

Rather than viewing emergency preparedness as an insurmountable task, we want to focus on little things people can do in just 5 - 10 minutes. These small tasks can increase safety for you and your loved ones BIG time.

Make it a team effort and involve your family. Once you finish the project, celebrate for being prepared for the emergencies ahead!


This week: Earthquake Safety - Anchoring Tall Furniture

With modern construction, it is most often the contents of the home and not structural damage that result in injury or death to those inside. Tall furniture, such as bookcases, hutches, and armoires are very likely to fall over during an earthquake when the ground is shaking. Properly anchoring furniture to walls takes only minutes and might save a life. You can prevent them from potentially falling on someone by completing these simple steps.


  1. Locate wall studs behind the furniture using a stud finder
  2. Anchor each piece of furniture to at least two wall studs using L-brackets and 3” Lag screws (There are commercially available kits utilizing nylon strapping which are also recommended)


Remember, most furniture already comes with the necessary equipment to secure it safety to a wall.

Summer of Safety 1.png