2021-22 Biennial Budget Adopted

Release Date: November 25, 2020

Last night the City Council approved the 2021-22 biennial budget submitted by the City Manager with two City Council approved amendments.

The $108.1 million 2-year general operating budget was amended by a reduction of expenses as identified by the City Manager in the amount of $6 million.

In addition, two revenue-generating amendments were passed by City Council:

  • taking half of the banked capacity accumulated over the past eleven years,
  • approving a 1% increase over the 2020 tax levy,

These two amendments account for a total increase in property tax revenue of $3 million for the biennium.

Use of the banked capacity and the 1% increase approved by the City Council work out to an increase of approximately $70 per year in property tax for a home valued at $900,000.

The updated budget details will be shared here once available.