Traffic Alerts for the Week of 10/15/2018- 10/22/2018

Release Date: October 15, 2018


·     2018 City Pavement Program: Paving will occur along the southern limits of 228th Ave SE. The paving work is scheduled to be completed by October 10, weather dependent. Striping is expected to occur later this week. Expect lane closures between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. For weekly updates, please see the Traffic Notifications page on the City website. Visit the City’s Pavement Management Program website for more information on our overlay program. 

·     SE 4th Ave is currently open to thru traffic between 2018th Ave SE and 225th Pl SE. Temporary lane restriction with flagger control will be expected during working hours -- 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. The upcoming work consists of sanitary sewer connections and joint utility trenching. For more updates, please view the project page.

·     Zackuse Creek Fish Passage and Stream Restoration Project: East Lake Sammamish Parkway-- No expected lane closures. View the City project on the project's page.

·     228th Turn Lane Pockets Extension: Construction has begun along 228th Ave SE to extend turn pockets at the intersections starting at NE 8th and down to Issaquah Pine Lake Road. These intersection improvements are at 228th/SE 20th/SE 21st; 228th/NE 8th; and 228th/Issaquah Pine Lake Rd. The contractor will be working within the medians on remaining electrical street light work once the materials arrive.

·     Louis Thompson Road Drainage Repairs and Retaining Wall Replacement: Work along the drainage ditches of Louis Thompson Hill Road between 210th Ave and 211th Place is underway. Expect single lane closures while this work occurs. The retaining wall is scheduled to be installed in November. Please see the project page for more information.


Events Affecting Traffic

·     Nightmare at Beaver Lake: The annual haunting event is upon us again for the remaining weekends in October. Expect increased traffic and traffic control in the Beaver Lake Park vicinity.



·         Stratmoor (E. Main DR and 218th Ave SE): Intermittent construction traffic is expected with the area.

·         Margaret Mead Elementary: The School district has begun work on the new elementary school, expect construction traffic and periodic lane closures along 216th Ave NE and NE 16th St.

·         Taylor Short Plat (SE 20th and 215th): The developer continues to work across the site and frontage.  Expect construction traffic along SE 20th.

·         Windham Square Two The developer will begin clearing for the project.  Expect construction traffic along NE 8th and 235th Ave NE.

·         Augustine Short Plat: The developer continues to work on this project site.  Expect construction traffic along 212th Ave SE.

·         Irongate Short Plat: The developer continues to work on this project site.  Expect construction traffic along Issaquah Beaver Lake Road.

·         ZQH Short Plat:  The developer will be working along the frontage of East Lake Sammamish Parkway just north of SE 33rd and the 7-11.

·         Pine Lake Middle School is working on the site ballfield improvements and miscellaneous items across the site. Expect intermittent construction traffic along 228th Ave SE.

·            Richter Short Plat: The developer will begin clearing for the project. Expect construction traffic along 248th Ave. SE.

·            Evie's Lane Short Plat: The developer is extending the driving road to the north of 240th Place off Issaquah-Fall City Rd. 

·         Discovery Elementary School addition: Construction traffic will be entering the site primarily off of SE 24th Street, with some entering off of 228th Ave SE.