Traffic Alerts for the Week of 8/13/2018 - 8/20/18

Release Date: August 13, 2018




·         2018 City Pavement Program –Contractors will be working along 228th Ave SE from SE 33rd to the southern City Limits.  There will be limited daytime work between 9:30am and 3:00 pm.  Paving will occur during the nighttime hours.  For weekly updates, please see the Traffic Notifications page on the City website. Visit the City’s Pavement Management Program website for more information on our overlay program.

·         Sidewalk Repairs-- Expect sidewalk closures and flaggers along 205th PL NE near Blackwell Elementary.

·         Roadway Landscape Maintenance- City crews will be working on several trees along SE 8th between 214th Ave SE and 218th Ave SE on August 27th through August 29th.  The roadway will be closed during the tree work between 8 am and 5:00 pm.

·         SE 4th Ave is currently closed to thru traffic between 218th Ave SE and 222nd Pl SE. Flaggers are working to get local traffic in and out of the construction zone.  Sammamish Commons Park will remain open and is accessible from 228th.
Contractors will be installing approximately 1,200 feet of sewer.  Crews will be working six days a week during the road closure and expect to get at least 40 feet per day of sewer installed.  Forty feet may not seem like much, but between the significant depth of the sewer and the existing utilities that they have to work around, it is a time intensive process. It will take approximately 30 days to get the road open before schools start up again in
early September.  More updates please view the SE 4th St Improvement Project page.

·         Expect delays at NE 25th ST/Sahalee Way and 17th Pl NE/Sahalee Way for utility work. The utility company will be working on Saturdays to expedite the project.

·         Improvements to Civic Campus at Sammamish Commons: Starting on 6:00 a.m. Monday, August 6, all roads will be open in the Sammamish Commons for one week. During this time crews will be building the new trail southwest of the King County Library. This trail will provide a safe connection for visitors to the Plaza. Starting the week of Monday, August 13, we will be closing the north entrance to complete sidewalk improvements in front of City Hall. The City Hall parking lot will still be available, but will need to be accessed from the south entrance. We anticipate that the work will be substantially complete by Monday, August 27.

·         East Lake Sammamish Parkway at SE 33rd (7-11): The contractor is awaiting delivery of the new flashing signals. Once on site they will be installed and the final pavement striping will occur.  There will be periodic lane closures between now and the end of August.  View the project on the project's page.

·         Zackuse Creek Fish Passage And Stream Restoration Project: . A full roadway closure of East Lake Sammamish Parkway for through traffic is occurring between August 6-August 23.  Only local access will be available between SE 24th and Louis Thompson Road along East Lake Sammamish Parkway.  The primary detour route will be 212th Way SE/212th Ave SE/Louis Thompson Road.  Once the roadway will be reopened,  there will be periodic lane closures through September.

·         East Lake Sammamish Parkway Ditch Maintenance: There will be a contractor working along the east side of East Lake Sammamish Parkway cleaning the roadside ditches for approximately in the next 3 weeks to the end of August.  Expect intermittent lane closures that will be coordinated with flaggers in the location of the work.  Work will begin at the intersection of Inglewood and East Lake Sammamish Parkway and move south the to the City limits.

·         228th Turn Lane Pockets Extension: Construction has begun along 228 to extend turn pockets at the intersections starting at NE 8th and down to Issaquah Pine Lake Road. There will be periodic lane closures between now and the end of September.  These intersection improvements are at 228th/SE 20th/SE 21st, 228th/SE 8th, 228th/NE 4th, 228th/NE 8th, and 228th/Issaquah Pine Lake Rd.  Contractor is removing the center medians and landscaping plants at 228th/SE 20th and 228th/NE 8th intersections this week.

·         Night Roadway Striping: Nighttime striping of the roadways is ongoing.  Work will occur during the night and will consist of restriping the major roadways.


·         There are concerts at Marymoor Park that will affect traffic. Concerts end by 10 pm, so expect heavier than usual traffic around start and end times. 



·         Stramoor (E. Main DR and 218th Ave SE): Intermittent construction traffic is expected with the area.

·         Twins Ridge (244th Ave NE and NE 14th Street): Lane Closure will be occurring until the end of August.  There will be sewer utility work occurring within the roadway so expect delays as vehicles are routed around the construction.   The remaining frontage work will also be occurring in this time frame.

·         Margaret Mead Elementary – The School district has begun work on the new elementary school, expect construction traffic and periodic lane closures along 216th Ave NE and NE 16th St.

·         Taylor Short Plat (SE 20th and 215th) – The Developer has begun clearing for the project.  Expect construction traffic along SE 20th.

·         Smith Short Plat The Developer will begin clearing for the project.  Expect construction traffic along NE 8th and 235th Ave NE.

·         Augustine Short Plat The Developer will begin clearing for the project.  Expect construction traffic along 212th Ave SE beginning on August 20th.

·         Irongate Short Plat The Developer will begin clearing for the project.  Expect construction traffic along Issaquah Beaver Lake Road..

·         Osgood Short Plat The Developer will begin clearing for the project.  Expect construction traffic along SE 24th.

·         ZQH Short Plat:  The Developer will be working along the frontage of East Lake Sammamish Parkway just north of SE 33rd and the 7-11.