Updated: Missing Ballots / Mail in Sammamish

Release Date: October 16, 2020
ballot box.jpg

UPDATED:  Sammamish PD and USPS will attempt to deliver the found ballots. Again, if you do not receive your ballot in the mail by October 19th, please call King County Elections at 206-296-VOTE or print a replacement online: kingcounty.gov/elections/obmp.

Brian Zinser, the postmaster of the Redmond Post Office, alerted the City of Sammamish and Sammamish PD that unopened or incomplete ballots have been inappropriately placed in out-going mail bins.

Sammamish PD have also been called to investigate bags of mail, including ballots discovered by roadsides and ditches.

USPS delivered yesterday October 15 about 90% of ballots in Sammamish. Early this morning, carriers were out delivering Amazon packages when they discovered these missing ballots.

If you do not receive your ballot by October 19th, call King County Elections at 206-296-VOTE or print online to get a replacement: kingcounty.gov/elections/obmp.

Meanwhile, please check and empty your mailboxes often; and please keep them locked. If you do not have a lock on your mailbox, please consider getting one through the post office.

Thank you to USPS for your efforts in getting us our ballots! Please also note that Sammamish’s secure, bolted down ballot box is right in front of City Hall.