Staff List

Name Phone Title Department
Jaclyn Management Analyst Community Development
Email the City about Housing Ideas Community Development
Rentals (425) 295-0586 Parks and Recreation
Damon Adams Maintenance Worker II Parks and Recreation
Aaron Antin (425) 295-0590 Assistant City Manager/Director of Finance & Risk Management Financial Services & Risk Management
Jon Arnold Facilities and Internal Services Superintendent Parks and Recreation
Rita Badh (425) 295-0579 Senior Human Services Coordinator Parks and Recreation
Sevda Baran (425) 295-0553 Project Manager Parks and Recreation
Benjamin Barnhart Maintenance Worker I Parks and Recreation
Avril Baty (425) 295-0627 Current Planning & Permit Center Manager Community Development
Debbie Beadle (425) 295-0550 Assistant to the City Manager's Office, Mayor & Sammamish City Council City Manager
Travis Beekley Maintenance Worker I Parks and Recreation
Steve Belzak (425) 295-0540 Building Plans Examiner Community Development
Mike Bengry (425) 295-0634 Traffic Signal Technician Apprentice Public Works
Dan Berlin (425) 295-0544 Senior Combination Inspector Community Development
Martin Bohanan (425) 952-2116 Facilities and Internal Services Superintendent Parks and Recreation
Justin Buckingham (425) 295-0534 Permit Technician Community Development
Barbara Canfield Code Compliance Officer Community Development
Beth Carpenter (425) 295-0568 GIS Coordinator Information Technology
Ruben Carter Electrical Inspector Community Development
Tracey Cartmel (425) 295-0621 Finance Specialist 1/Accounts Payable Financial Services & Risk Management
Sandra Casillas Code Compliance Coordinator Community Development
Jon Chalfant Parks Project Manager Parks and Recreation
Clinton Charles (425) 952-2115 Maintenance Worker Public Works
Toby Coenen (425) 295-0567 Senior Stormwater Program Manager Public Works
Grayson Court (425) 295-0640 Management Analyst Parks and Recreation
Robert Davis (425) 295-0577 Construction Inspector Public Works
Jeremy Deline (425) 952-2115 Maintenance Worker Public Works
Jeff Dickinson (425) 952-2124 Stormwater Infrastructure Inspector Public Works
Jennifer Dilley (425) 295-0591 Comptroller Financial Services & Risk Management
Darci Donovan (425) 295-0530 Special Projects Coordinator Community Development
Joe Donovan (425) 952-2115 Maintenance Worker Public Works
Jeff Elekes (425) 295-0520 Director of Public Works Public Works
Christine Elias (425) 295-0770 Administrative Sergeant Police
Sara Estiri (425) 295-0543 Management Analyst Community Development
Evan Fischer (425) 295-0632 Management Analyst Community Development
Dawn Flores (425) 295-0545 Building Plans Examiner Community Development
Michaelene Fowler Communications Coordinator City Manager
Sharon Garcia (425) 295-0565 Administrative Assistant Public Works
Chris Gianini (425) 295-0596 Deputy Finance Director Financial Services & Risk Management
Jim Grueber (425) 295-0566 Senior Project Engineer Public Works
Lita Hachey (425) 295-0512 City Clerk City Manager
Alana Hall (425) 295-0775 Police Executive Assistant Human Resources
Lynne Handlos (425) 295-0584 Recreation Supervisor Parks and Recreation
Chris Hankins (425) 295-0547 Senior Planner Community Development
Brandi Higgins (425) 295-0595 Payroll Analyst Financial Services & Risk Management
Kellye Hilde (425) 295-0582 Deputy Director Community Development
Jake Holden (206) 450-8320 Maintenance Worker I Stormwater Public Works
Gary Holz Maintenance Worker I Public Works
Jim Hominiuk (425) 295-0638 Director of Information Technology Information Technology
Tony Hudson (425) 295-0535 Office Assistant Community Development
Savannah Hutchins () 42-5295 Assistant Planner Community Development
Jed Ireland (425) 295-0563 Senior Project Engineer Public Works
Janie Jackson (425) 295-0597 Facilities and Fleet Coordinator Financial Services & Risk Management
Dan Johnson (425) 952-2118 Streets and Stormwater Maintenance Superintendent Public Works
Chris Jordan (425) 295-0524 Recreation Manager Parks and Recreation
Mike Keller (425) 952-2122 Parks Maintenance Superintendent Public Works
Kobi Kershaw (425) 952-2115 Maintenance Worker Public Works
Krista Kielsmeier (425) 295-0514 Management Analyst City Manager
Joel King Maintenance Worker II Public Works
Brian Kirkland (425) 295-0542 Building Inspector Community Development
Rori Kirkpatrick (425) 295-0646 Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) Public Works
Amy Koehnen (425) 295-0527 Public Disclosure Officer City Manager
Jim Krieg (425) 495-7962 Maintenance Worker Public Works
Kyler Krieg (425) 952-2115 Maintenance and Operations Worker Public Works
Rebecca Kronblat Human Resources Assistant City Manager
Miryam Laytner (425) 295-0623 Planning Manager Community Development
Colton Lewis (425) 952-2115 Maintenance Worker
Alexa Lowry (425) 295-0585 Administrative Assistant Parks and Recreation Commission
Melissa Lucas Sr Signal Technician Public Works
Scott MacColl Deputy City Manager City Manager
Amber Malmberg (425) 295-0513 Office Assistant II Community Development
Khalid Marshall Code Compliance Officer Community Development
Lisa Marshall (425) 295-0508 City Attorney City Manager
Missy Marshall May (425) 295-0531 Permit Technician Community Development
Michael McEliece (425) 295-0510 Building Inspector Community Development
Doug McIntyre (425) 295-0628 Transportation Planner Public Works
Brock McNairy (425) 295-0569 GIS Analyst Information Technology
Anjali Myer (425) 295-0581 Director of Parks, Recreation & Facilities Parks and Recreation
Richard Nash (425) 295-0593 IT Systems Administrator Information Technology
Mark Newman Assistant Planner Community Development
Drew Noble (425) 295-0629 Senior Information Systems Manager Information Technology
Stephen Noeske (425) 295-0588 Senior Development Review Manager Public Works
Dane Olsen (425) 952-2115 Maintenance Worker Public Works
Jason Osborn (425) 952-2115 Maintenance Worker Public Works
Lindsey Ozbolt Project Manager Community Development
Shelby Perrault (425) 295-0589 Project Manager Parks and Recreation
Phi Pham (425) 295-0666 Web Associate Information Technology
Daniel Pingrey Chief of Police Police
David Pyle (425) 295-0521 Director of Community Development Community Development
Usha Rao (425) 295-0502 IT Support Technician Information Technology
City Hall Reception (425) 295-0500 Front Desk City Hall
Ben Ressler (425) 295-0574 Capital Project Engineer Public Works
Tonya Rock (425) 952-2115 Parks Maintenance Lead Public Works
Andrew Roddy (425) 295-0578 Facilities Project Manager Parks and Recreation
Dave Rudat (425) 295-0552 City Manager City Manager
Sterling Ruiz Maintenance Worker II Parks and Recreation
Colleen Rupke (425) 952-2115 Administrative Assistant - Maintenance and Operations Division Public Works
Linda Salhah (425) 295-0564 Traffic Engineering Manager Public Works
Christiana Salley Special Projects Assistant Community Development
Francine Sanchez Maintenance Worker I Parks and Recreation
Cynthia Schaff Paralegal/Hearing Examiner Clerk City Manager
Passport Services
Andrew Sheridan Lead Maintenance Worker Parks and Recreation
Heang Sieng (425) 295-0504 Network Analyst Information Technology
Jasvir Singh (425) 295-0506 Planner Community Development
Rebecca Smith (425) 295-0517 Park Planning Associate Parks and Recreation
Chun Song (425) 295-0565 Engineering Technician Public Works
Audrie Starsy (425) 295-0572 Deputy Public Works Director Public Works
Andrew Stevens, CEM (425) 295-0549 Emergency Manager City Manager
Haim Strasbourger (425) 295-0562 Development Review Engineer Public Works
Summer Stumpf (425) 295-0556 Volunteer/Restoration Coordinator Parks and Recreation
Mike Sugg (425) 295-0537 Senior Management Analyst City Manager
Stephanie Sullivan (425) 295-0560 Senior Engineer - Stormwater Public Works
Gary Tang (253) 350-4780 Associate Traffic Engineer Public Works
Greg Tauscheck (425) 295-0639 Development Review Engineer Public Works
Kevin Teague Deputy Director Parks and Recreation
Joey Tedder Building Inspector Community Development
David Thorsteinson Facility Maintenance Worker II Public Works
Cynthia Tiwana (425) 295-0594 Webmaster Information Technology
Tom Tubbs (425) 295-0571 Construction Inspector Public Works
Title VI Public Works
Lisa Werre (425) 295-0573 Engineering Technician Public Works
Lori Wile (425) 295-0528 Sr Budget & Rates Analyst Community Development
Celia Wu Communications Manager City Manager