Staff List

Name Phone Title Department
Email the City about Housing Ideas Community Development
Rentals (425) 295-0586 Parks and Recreation
Damon Adams Maintenance Worker II Parks and Recreation
Aaron Antin (425) 295-0590 Assistant City Manager/Director of Finance & Risk Management Financial Services & Risk Management
Jon Arnold Facilities and Internal Services Superintendent Parks and Recreation
Rita Badh (425) 295-0579 Senior Human Services Coordinator Parks and Recreation
Sevda Baran (425) 295-0553 Project Manager Parks and Recreation
Jodee Bass (425) 295-0592 Accountant Financial Services & Risk Management
Avril Baty (425) 295-0627 Current Planning & Permit Center Manager Community Development
Debbie Beadle (425) 295-0550 Assistant to the City Manager's Office, Mayor & Sammamish City Council City Manager
Travis Beekley Maintenance Worker I Parks and Recreation
Steve Belzak (425) 295-0540 Building Plans Examiner Community Development
Mike Bengry (425) 295-0634 Traffic Signal Technician Apprentice Public Works
Dan Berlin (425) 295-0544 Senior Combination Inspector Community Development
Martin Bohanan (425) 952-2116 Facilities and Internal Services Superintendent Parks and Recreation
Justin Buckingham (425) 295-0534 Permit Technician Community Development
Beth Carpenter (425) 295-0568 GIS Coordinator Information Technology
Ruben Carter Electrical Inspector Community Development
Tracey Cartmel (425) 295-0621 Finance Specialist 1/Accounts Payable Financial Services & Risk Management
Clinton Charles (425) 952-2115 Maintenance Worker Public Works
Toby Coenen (425) 295-0567 Senior Engineer - Stormwater Public Works
Grayson Court (425) 295-0640 Management Analyst Parks and Recreation
Robert Davis (425) 295-0577 Construction Inspector Public Works
Jeremy Deline (425) 952-2115 Maintenance Worker Public Works
Jeff Dickinson (425) 952-2124 Stormwater Infrastructure Inspector Public Works
Jennifer Dilley (425) 295-0591 Comptroller Financial Services & Risk Management
Darci Donovan (425) 295-0530 Special Projects Coordinator Community Development
Joe Donovan (425) 952-2115 Maintenance Worker Public Works
Jeff Elekes (425) 295-0520 Director of Public Works Public Works
Christine Elias (425) 295-0770 Administrative Sergeant Police
Sara Estiri (425) 295-0543 Management Analyst Community Development
Evan Fischer (425) 295-0632 Management Analyst Community Development
Dawn Flores (425) 295-0545 Building Plans Examiner Community Development
Michaelene Fowler Communications Coordinator City Manager
Sharon Garcia (425) 295-0565 Administrative Assistant Public Works
Chris Gianini (425) 295-0596 Deputy Finance Director Financial Services & Risk Management
Danika Globokar (425) 295-0516 Senior Stormwater Program Manager Public Works
Nick Greene Associate Engineer - Traffic Public Works
Jim Grueber (425) 295-0566 Senior Project Engineer Public Works
Lita Hachey (425) 295-0512 City Clerk City Manager
Alana Hall (425) 295-0775 Administrative Assistant, Police Services Human Resources
Lynne Handlos (425) 295-0584 Recreation Supervisor Parks and Recreation
Chris Hankins (425) 295-0547 Senior Planner Community Development
Kellye Hilde (425) 295-0582 Deputy Director Community Development
Jake Holden (206) 450-8320 Maintenance Worker I Stormwater Public Works
Gary Holz Maintenance Worker I Public Works
Jim Hominiuk (425) 295-0638 Director of Information Technology Information Technology
Tony Hudson (425) 295-0535 Office Assistant Community Development
Jed Ireland (425) 295-0563 Senior Project Engineer Public Works
Janie Jackson (425) 295-0597 Facilities and Fleet Coordinator Financial Services & Risk Management
Andrew Johnson (425) 295-0578 Associate Planner Community Development
Dan Johnson (425) 952-2118 Streets and Stormwater Maintenance Superintendent Public Works
Chris Jordan (425) 295-0524 Recreation Manager Parks and Recreation
Mike Keller (425) 952-2122 Parks Maintenance Superintendent Public Works
Kobi Kershaw (425) 952-2115 Maintenance Worker Public Works
Joel King Maintenance Worker II Public Works
Brian Kirkland (425) 295-0542 Building Inspector Community Development
Rori Kirkpatrick (425) 295-0646 Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) Public Works
Morgan Knight Hermann (425) 295-0503 Human Resource Analyst Human Resources
Richard Koefod (425) 295-0593 IT Systems Administrator Information Technology
Amy Koehnen (425) 295-0527 Public Disclosure Officer City Manager
Lori Kraynak (425) 295-0595 Finance Specialist Financial Services & Risk Management
Jim Krieg (425) 495-7962 Maintenance Worker Public Works
Kyler Krieg (425) 952-2115 Maintenance and Operations Worker Public Works
Miryam Laytner (425) 295-0623 Planning Manager Community Development
Colton Lewis (425) 952-2115 Maintenance Worker
Alexa Lowry (425) 295-0570 Code Compliance Coordinator
Melissa Lucas Sr Signal Technician Public Works
Devany Lunde (425) 295-0548 Code Compliance Officer Community Development
Missy Marshall May (425) 295-0531 Permit Technician Community Development
Michael McEliece (425) 295-0510 Building Inspector Community Development
Doug McIntyre (425) 295-0628 Transportation Planner Public Works
Brock McNairy (425) 295-0569 GIS Analyst Information Technology
Mary Beth Mercer Senior Human Resources Analyst Human Resources
Jaclyn Montañana (425) 295-0513 Office Assistant Community Development
Tammy Mueller (425) 295-0514 Management Analyst City Manager
Anjali Myer (425) 295-0581 Director of Parks, Recreation & Facilities Parks and Recreation
Mark Newman Assistant Planner Community Development
Drew Noble (425) 295-0629 Senior Information Systems Manager Information Technology
Stephen Noeske (425) 295-0588 Senior Development Review Manager Public Works
Paullette O’Connell (425) 295-0515 Administrative Assistant Public Works
Dane Olsen (425) 952-2115 Maintenance Worker Public Works
Jason Osborn (425) 952-2115 Maintenance Worker Public Works
Lindsey Ozbolt Project Manager Community Development
Cheryl Paston (425) 295-0572 Deputy Director of Public Works Public Works
Shelby Perrault (425) 295-0589 Project Manager Parks and Recreation
Phi Pham (425) 295-0666 Web Associate Information Technology
Daniel Pingrey Chief of Police Police
David Pyle (425) 295-0521 Director of Community Development Community Development
Usha Rao (425) 295-0502 IT Support Technician Information Technology
City Hall Reception (425) 295-0500 Front Desk City Hall
Ben Ressler (425) 295-0574 Capital Project Engineer Public Works
Tonya Rock (425) 952-2115 Parks Maintenance Lead Public Works
Colleen Rupke (425) 952-2115 Administrative Assistant - Maintenance and Operations Division Public Works
Anthony Rychkov (425) 295-0529 Management Analyst Public Works
Christiana Salley Special Projects Assistant Community Development
Passport Services
Andrew Sheridan Lead Maintenance Worker Parks and Recreation
Heang Sieng (425) 295-0504 Network Analyst Information Technology
Sterling Silver Maintenance Worker I Parks and Recreation
Jasvir Singh (425) 295-0506 Planner Community Development
Rebecca Smith (425) 295-0517 Park Planning Associate Parks and Recreation
Chun Song (425) 295-0565 Engineering Technician Public Works
Belle Stanley (425) 295-0585 Administrative Assistant Parks and Recreation
Andrew Stevens, CEM (425) 295-0549 Emergency Manager City Manager
Haim Strasbourger (425) 295-0562 Development Review Engineer Public Works
Summer Stumpf (425) 295-0556 Volunteer/Restoration Coordinator Parks and Recreation
Mike Sugg (425) 295-0537 Senior Management Analyst City Manager
Stephanie Sullivan (425) 295-0560 Associate Engineer Public Works
Greg Tauscheck (425) 295-0639 Development Review Engineer Public Works
Kevin Teague Deputy Director Parks and Recreation
Joey Tedder Building Inspector Community Development
Monica Thompson (425) 295-0557 Project Manager Parks and Recreation Commission
David Thorsteinson Facility Maintenance Worker II Public Works
Cynthia Tiwana (425) 295-0594 Webmaster Information Technology
Tom Tubbs (425) 295-0571 Construction Inspector Public Works
Lisa Werre (425) 295-0573 Engineering Technician Public Works
Lori Wile (425) 295-0528 Sr Budget & Rates Analyst Community Development
Celia Wu Communications Manager City Manager