Public Record Request Status

Id Current Status Date Received Status Detail
1114 Pending 02/23/2017 Forwarded request to Parks & Rec for information. lh
1113 Closed 02/23/2017 Sent plan set from Trakit via HIGHTAIL. lh
1112 Closed 02/23/2017 2/23/17: Emailed requested documents. MA
1111 Closed 02/16/2017 Beth Carpenter will be sending the information once access has been restored. LH
1110 Closed 02/17/2017 emailed information. MA
1109 Pending 02/22/2017
1108 Closed 02/22/2017 emailed copy. lh
1107 Closed 02/22/2017 No permit has been submitted yet. kj
1106 Closed 02/21/2017 No stormwater plans for 210th Ave NE. Sent plans in the vicinity. lh
1105 Closed 02/17/2017 Bld2013-02208 and 2013-02209
1104 Closed 02/17/2017 2/23/17: Sent requested files via HIGHTAIL. MA.
1103 Pending 02/17/2017 sent first questions to PW stormwater. lh
1102 Pending 02/21/2017 Ordered DCD115 and DCD116 from Iron Mt. lh
1101 Closed 02/22/2017 emailed documents from TRAKIT. lh
1100 Closed 02/17/2017 Provided requested copies. TH
1099 Closed 02/20/2017 2/23/17: Home built prior to incorporation. Directed her to King County. MA
1098 Closed 02/18/2017 02/23/17: Emailed requested documents. MA
1097 Closed 02/17/2017 2/17/17: Emailed requested documents. MA
1096 Closed 02/17/2017 2/17/17: Emailed scanned copy of permit. MA
1095 Closed 02/16/2017 2/17/17: Directed requester to water/sewer districts. MA.
1094 Closed 02/16/2017 2/23/2017: Emailed requested documents related to parcel #1825069082. No documents found for 5017 192nd Pl NE. Referred him to King County as house was constructed prior to incorporation. MA
1093 Closed 02/15/2017 2/15/17: Requested clarification on which pre app they want information for. MA 2/15/17: Sent all pre app documents for this parcel. MA
1092 Closed 02/15/2017 2/15/17: Sent plan set via email.
1091 Closed 02/15/2017 2/15/17: Files sent via HIGHTAIL. MA
1090 Pending 02/15/2017 Forwarded to Steven Chen for a response. LH
1089 Closed 02/15/2017 Resent the files via HIGHTAIL. lh
1088 Closed 02/07/2017 2/13/17: House built prior to incorporation. Directed them to King County. MA
1087 Closed 02/13/2017 Emailed BLD2015-02778 and Recorded Lake Vista Driveway plans. DD
1086 Closed 02/13/2017 sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
1085 Pending 02/13/2017 2/13/17: Emailed attorneys for advice on this request. lh 2/14/17: Sent Dimitriy a 5-day response email. lh (3 weeks, March 7) 2/23/17: Sent emails to Dimitriy via HIGHTAIL. Sent confidential emails to Kenyon Disend. MA
1084 Closed 02/06/2017 emailed report. th
1083 Closed 02/13/2017 emailed. th
1082 Closed 02/13/2017 emailed docs. LH
1081 Closed 02/13/2017 Unable to locate the requested docs in the Archivist Scans folder. emailed copies of later building permits BLD2005-00829 and BLD2008-0311. lh
1080 Closed 02/13/2017 Sent docs via HIGHTAIL. lh
1079 Closed 02/09/2017 Provided file to view. no copies
1078 Closed 02/10/2017 Emailed. lh
1077 Closed 02/10/2017 Emailed the document requested. lh
1076 Closed 02/10/2017 2/10/17: forwarded to GIS team for a response. lh No update is available at this time. lh 2/13/17: emailed link to report on KC website. lh
1075 Closed 02/09/2017 2-10-17: Scanned floor plans and sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
1074 Pending 02/09/2017 2/23/17: Sent request to Dawn F. for clarification regarding submittal. MA.
1073 Closed 02/09/2017 2/9/2017: Home constructed prior to 1999. Directed her to King County. MA
1072 Closed 02/09/2017 2/10/17: Directed Sarah to the Service Portal for a Permit Search. lh
1071 Closed 02/09/2017 2/10/17: Plans have been destroyed. (6 month policy) Scanned the permit file and sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
1070 Closed 02/08/2017 2/8/17: Asked Shelby to email documents or direct me to where I can find them. MA 2/9/17: Emailed documents provided by Shelby. MA
1069 Closed 02/08/2017 Sent File via HIGHTAIL. MAN
1068 Pending 02/08/2017 2/8/17: downloaded emails from Outlook. 2/9/17: emailed Councilmembers Odell, Malchow and Huckabay for emails from their home computers. 2/9/17: emailed a 5-Day Response letter to Mr. Hamilton and gave a date on completion on February 22, 2017. 2/23/17: sent reviewed emails via HIGHTAIL and confidential emails to attorneys for review. lh
1067 Closed 02/06/2017 emailed document. lh
1066 Closed 02/03/2017 emailed a copy of the report. LO
1065 Closed 02/03/2017 Darci emailed a report from TRAKIT. lh
1064 Closed 01/25/2017 provided requested copies. TH
1063 Closed 02/01/2017
1062 Closed 02/03/2017 2/3/17: Informed him that the City does not track this type of information, and he would have to review land use files. MA
1061 Closed 02/03/2017 2/3/17: Explained there was no way to identify requested documents. Asked if she would like to come in and review files to find relevant documents. MA
1060 Closed 02/03/2017 2/3/17: No documents provided. Explained that city uses an real estate appraisal company.
1059 Pending 02/03/2017 2/3/17: Advised her to come and view the preliminary subdivision files. MA
1058 Closed 02/03/2017 Sent requested documents via HIGHTAIL. MA
1057 Closed 02/02/2017 2/2/17: Contacted Mike Kenyon about a list of lawsuits. lh 2/8/2017: Received list from Mike Kenyon and forwarded to Mr. Mayhall
1056 Closed 02/01/2017 Could not locate house plans for 2003 remodel. lh Advised to check with KC for original plans. lh
1055 Closed 02/01/2017 Sent via Hightail
1054 Closed 02/01/2017 sent via HIGHTAIL. LH
1053 Closed 02/01/2017 2/1/17: Emailed PW and Planning for any information they may have. lh 2/1/17: Haim did not have any documents relating to this request. lh 2/3/17: Received a plan from Emily which was forwarded to Mr. Taylor. lh
1052 Closed 01/31/2017 1/31/17: Emailed documents. MA
1051 Closed 01/31/2017 2/1/17: Sent Trakit docs and put files in Will Call for review. Emailed Mr. Way. lh 2/2/17: Mr. Way came in and reviewed the files. lh
1050 Closed 01/30/2017
1049 Closed 01/30/2017
1048 Closed 01/27/2017 1/30/17: Janie J. emailed requested docs. LH
1047 Closed 01/30/2017 1/30/17: Ms. Bertand was in the office to review various files. Requested PDF copies sent to her by Stephanie S. lh
1046 Closed 01/26/2017 1/30/2017: No new documents in Trakit. Checking with Sung to make sure nothing else has been submitted. MA 1/30/2017: Sung confirmed no new documents. MA
1045 Closed 01/30/2017 1/30/17: last request was on 12/20/16. lh 1/30/17: emailed latest docs from trakit. lh 1/30/17: downloaded emails from eDiscovery. lh 1/30/17: emailed info to Mr. Loucks. lh
1044 Closed 01/30/2017 1/30/17: sent as-built docs available via HIGHTAIL. lh
1043 Closed 01/30/2017 1/30/17: Emailed building permit file. MA
1042 Closed 01/30/2017 Sent plans from near-by area via HIGHTAIL. lh
1041 Closed 01/27/2017 1/31/17: emailed documents from TRAKIT. lh
1040 Closed 01/20/2017
1039 Closed 01/30/2017 Sent files from TRAKIT relating to Dalton Park aka 223rd Assemblage. lh
1038 Closed 01/30/2017 2/3/17: emailed Mr. Taylor that the City does not have any documents relating to his request. lh
1037 Closed 01/30/2017 Emailed Preliminary Plat decision and Order denying reconsideration. lh
1036 Closed 01/29/2017 1/31/17: no list exists. unable to fulfil the request. lh
1035 Closed 01/28/2017 1/30/17: Emailed link to Mr. Bretl for Redford Ranch road and stormwater plans. lh
1034 Closed 01/27/2017 emailed link to all electronic documents in TRAKIT for SSDP2016-00415 Segment 2B
1033 Closed 01/27/2017
1032 Pending 01/26/2017 1-27-2017: emailed Parks Dept. for assistance with this request. lh 1/30/17: emailed a 5-day response. lh 1/31/17: sent emails to Kenyon Disend for review. lh 2/1/17: sent file documents and emails via HIGHTAIL. lh
1031 Closed 01/26/2017 Sent asbuilt plans as requested via HIGHTAIL. lh
1030 Closed 01/26/2017 Sent electronic documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. lh
1029 Closed 01/26/2017 1/31/17: No list exists. Unable to fulfil. lh
1028 Closed 01/24/2017 1/25/2017: Referred her to website for meeting materials. HIGHTAILED audio files for 4/2, 4/16, 5/7, 7,17. Unable to locate 10/1 audio. Have sent request for help to IT. MA. 1/27/17: Debbie Beadle clarified that there were no audio tapes for the later part of 2009 through 2011. 1/30/17: Requested DCD 498 from storage as it contains the packet material. MA 2/1/17: Scanned contents of 10/1/09 PC meeting and emailed. MA 2/3/17: Scanned contents of 4/16, 5/7/6/16 and sent via HIGHTAIL. Directed her to the website for 4/16 and 4/21 MA
1027 Closed 01/25/2017
1026 Closed 01/25/2017
1025 Closed 01/25/2017 1/30/17: Emailed KC assessor info, plans for neighboring parcels and sensitive areas map. lh
1024 Pending 01/25/2017 1/25/17: sent requested documents via Hightail and stated that emails are currently being reviewed. Once complete they will be sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
1023 Closed 01/23/2017 10-25-17: sent all electronic documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. LH
1022 Pending 01/25/2017 1/25/17: Downloaded search from eDiscovery. lh 1/30/17: Review of emails. Emailed Ms. Thorne with an update. lh 1/31/17: Send confidential emails to City Attorney for review. MA 1/31/17: Sent reviewed emails to Ms. Thorne. LH
1021 Closed 01/24/2017
1020 Closed 01/24/2017 1/23/2017: Forwarded Request to Darci. No documents found in TRAKIT. MA 1/24/2017: Request clarification if he was wanting demo records or construction records. MA 1/30/17: Sent files via email. MA.
1019 Closed 01/24/2017 1/23/17: Sent documents via HIGHTAIL.
1018 Closed 01/23/2017 Sent docs from Trakit via HIGHTAIL. lha
1017 Closed 01/20/2017 Provided information. MM
1016 Closed 01/20/2017 sent documents via HIGHTAIL. lh 2/13/2017: Resent the link to documents as requested. lh
1015 Closed 01/18/2017 1/18/17: Sent As-Built via HIGHTAIL. MA
1014 Closed 01/12/2017 Viewed file. NO copies
1013 Closed 01/18/2017 No deck permit available in TRAKIT. LH could be with KC.
1012 Closed 01/17/2017 1/18/17: Files sent via HIGHTAIL. MA
1011 Closed 01/17/2017 send electronic documents from TRAKIT via Hightail. lh
1010 Closed 01/17/2017 emailed documents relating to request. PRA2015-00145 & PRA2014-00037
1009 Closed 01/17/2017 1/17/2017: Forwarded to Finance for response. MA 1/18/2017: Sent 5-day letter. Deadline set for February 1. MA 1/25: Provided documents. MA
1008 Closed 01/17/2017 Forwarded to Parks for response. LH 1/19/17: Parks forwarded the documents which were sent to Mr. Brainard. lh 1/20/17: need additional documents from IRON mt. DCD209 and DCD210. LH 1/31/17: Emailed Mr. Brainard some scanned docs from the archived files. lh
1007 Closed 01/17/2017 1/17/17: requested assistance from PW and emailed Mr. Mayhall a 5-day response letter. Need to respond by January 31st. LH 1/25/17: Invited him to come a look at the recorded documents file. MA 1/30/17: Asked Kellye Hilde to provide the files on the Boys & Girls Club condemnation. MA 2/2/17: Sent documents via HIGHTAIL. lh
1006 Closed 01/15/2017 Emailed a list of available permits and requested if any are what he is interested in. LH 1/18/17: emailed digital copies of permits from TRAKIT. LH
1005 Closed 01/12/2017 emailed copies of plan sets for Flynn and Irongate preliminary subdivision. LH
1004 Closed 01/12/2017 plans sent via Hightail. lh
1003 Closed 01/12/2017 1/17/17: Left message that boxes were here to review. Said she would be in Monday. MA 1/25/17: Requested incorrect plat, she will speak to Emily A. and clarify request for Camden Park. 1/30/17: Emily contacted Jolie and will meet with her to review the Camden Park Annexation file. MA
1002 Closed 01/11/2017 emailed documents from TRAKIT. LH
1001 Closed 01/11/2017 Sent documents from TRAKIT via HIGTAIL. lh
1000 Closed 01/11/2017 Emailed meeting notes for FEAS2017-00006
999 Closed 01/11/2017 Sent all electronic documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. lh
998 Closed 01/10/2017 1/10/17: Nothing in TRAKIT. Checking with Kellye. MA 1/10/17: Files sent via HIGHTAIL. MA
997 Closed 01/10/2017 emailed memo received from Lindsey Ozbolt. LH
996 Closed 01/11/2017 Sent documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. lh 1/17/17: Sent additional documents relating to Parcel # 856290-1790. Ordered DCD432 RUE Zhuo from Iron Mt. LH 1/18/17: sent BLD2014-00905 Permit info via TRAKIT. Lh 1/20/17: Ms. Darnell was in to review the files from Iron Mt. LH
995 Closed 01/10/2017 emailed permit details from TRAKIT
994 Closed 01/10/2017 Files available in Will Call. Called Mr. Cross. LH
993 Closed 01/10/2017 Forwarded request to Tawni Dalziel. MA Replied to Mr. Marx with the information requested. LH
992 Closed 01/10/2017 Forwarded to Stephanie Sullivan, PW Dev Rev Engineer.
991 Closed 01/09/2017
990 Closed 01/06/2017 1/6/17: Requested assistance from the permit center. lh 1/9/17: Ran 2 reports in TRAKIT and received Tree Report from Missy. LH
989 Closed 01/06/2017 1-6-17: emailed the plat map and referred her to King County records for any additional plans. Home built before incorporation. LH
988 Closed 12/29/2016 12/29/16: Tammi emailed document. MA
987 Closed 01/05/2017 1/6/17: Sent Title Report via HIGHTAIL. MA
986 Closed 01/05/2017 Missy emailed info from TRAKIT
985 Closed 12/29/2016 Lindsey Ozbolt: If you wish to meet next Friday, January 6, 2017, I am available from 2 to 2:30pm. Please let me know if this time will work for you. Additionally, please find attached the plan set you requested.
984 Closed 01/04/2017 emailed copy of signed decision. LH
983 Closed 01/04/2017 1/4/17: forwarded from Emily A. LH 1/6/17: emailed documents from TRAKIT. LH
982 Closed 01/05/2017 sent files via email
981 Closed 01/06/2017 Printed info from TRAKIT
980 Closed 12/21/2016 12/21/16: Tony email documents. MA
979 Closed 01/06/2017 1/6/17: emailed Diane the asbuilts we do have in that vicinity. Nothing at the exact location. LH 1/6/17: sent 2 plan sets for area south of request via HIGHTAIL. LH
978 Closed 01/06/2017 1/6/17: replied to request that files are in off-site storage. Can order next week for a Friday delivery. LH Need DCD 523 and DCD 518 - Defur Short Plat 1/17/17: sent Defur TIR via Hightail and notified Kristi that files are available for viewing. LH 1/20/17: Ms. Jenkins reviewed files and requested they remain available until Friday, Jan. 27th.
977 Closed 01/06/2017 1/5/17: Emailed for clarification of which contract she was looking for. MA 1/9/17: Withdrew request. MA
976 Closed 01/06/2017 1/6/17: Emailed plan set. MA
975 Closed 01/06/2017 1-6-17: sent documents from TRAKIT. lh
974 Closed 01/06/2017 1/6/17: Emailed Documents. MA
973 Closed 01/05/2017 Sent requested documents via Hightail from TRAKIT. LH
972 Closed 01/05/2017 Sent geo-tech reports via HIGHTAIL. LH & MA
971 Closed 01/05/2017