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James jordan

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All records, including but not limited to electronic, regarding "City of Sammamish permanent public pedestrian Trail easement project (Balmoral), tax parcel number 0 5 0 0 9 0 - 0 0 7 0 " and all related projects, appraisals, and eminent domain and/or condemnation decisions or determinations or analyses, without limitation.

UPDATE: Clarified that search should include Balmoral and Lancaster property acquisition and related records from all City staff for the time period of August 4, 2017 - February 28, 2018.

Status Detail

1/30/18-Emailed Mr. Jordan that we will respond on or before February 6th, 2018. AK 1/30/18-Emailed Mr. Jordan asking for clarification on his parcel no. in his request. Cannot locate it. AK 2/6/18-Emailed Mr. Jordan again asking for clarification.AK 2/27/18 - Requested clarification of request / confirmation of search terms for email search. - TCM 3/28/18 - Sent potentially exempt records to City Attorney's Office for review. - TCM 5/18/18 - Sent email updating requestor on status of request and providing new expected completion date of August 31, 2018. - TCM 8/15/18 - Received attorney reviewed records. Added to requestor's USB drive and informed him they are ready for pick-up. Closed request. - TCM