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Jyoti Paul

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Requesting Staff Report, Public hearing decision and site plans for SVAR2016-00517, SVAR2015-00209 and SVAR2016-00053. I have a Shoreline Variance application neighboring these properties that's in process.

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Sent all requested documents via HIGHTAIL. LH Exhibit 4_ Chan Mitigation Plan Set Exhibit 5 - Baerwald Mitigation Plan Set January 2017 Exhibit 5 - Ogren Mitigation Plan Set January 2017 SVAR2015-00209 & ZVAR2015-00208 Ogren Staff Report SVAR2015-00209 and ZONV2015-00208 - Ogren Decision Signed SVAR2016-00053 - Baerwald Decision - Signed SVAR2016-00053 Baerwald Staff Report without SSDP SVAR2016-00053b -Baerwald - Order Revising a Decision after Reconsideration 4-20-17 - Signed SVAR2016-00517 & ZONV2016-00518 - Chan Decision - Signed SVAR2016-00517_ZONV2016-00518_Chan Staff Report-signed