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1) Eastlake High School / Lorenna "Lori" Rowe ( for Principal Chris Beede regarding e-signs (Electronic Reader Board) re: City SIGN CODE likely emailed to City Clerk about 4/5/2017.

2) Eastside Catholic High School / President John T. Kennedy ( also had a printed 1pg (maybe 2pgs) letter he had written to the City as e-sign input between about 4/5/17 to 5/2/2017 (I recall he also personally attended one or two meetings, ECHS wants an e-board on 228th) and may have also emailed in to follow-up as well.

3) I don't believe there was any input from Skyline High School ( sent to the City during this period, but if the City received any during that timeframe 1st Week April 2017 - 1st Week May 2017, please include under this PRR too.

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3/8/18 - Provided requestor with expected completion date of April 6, 2018. - TCM 3/12/18 - Sent requestor response via email that no responsive records were located for items #1 or #3. Responsive email with attachment located and sent for item #2. - TCM