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Please send me via email all City costs (for the last five year) associated with the 4th of July. Including, EMS services, police services, entertainment, fireworks, lawn care... or anything else the city pays for leading up to the 4th, on the 4th, or cleaning up from the 4th of July. Thank you! Layna

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3/12/18 - Provided expected completion date of May 30, 2018. - TCM 7/12/18 - Sent email update with expected completion date of Sept. 28, 2018. - TCM 9/28/18 - Requestor retrieved installment 2. Provided estimated date of next installment as Oct 12. - TCM 10/12/18 - Added Installment 3 to USB. - TCM 12/17/18 - Added additional responsive records and noticed that Installment 3 was never retrieved. It has been greater than 30 days with no response from the requestor. Marked the request as abandoned and sent an email stating such. - TCM 12/18/18 - Requestor indicated that they are still interested in the records. Reopened request. - TCM 12/21/18 - All responsive records have been provided. Emailed requestor and closed request. - TCM