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Please send me any contracts, emails, letters, texts etc. on why the KCPO bill would go up approximately 150k a month in Sammamish from years 2103 to current. Please show any emails, letters, etc. to the reasoning why the contracted price went up, and the additional services that Sammamish received from KCSO due to the elevated price.

CLARIFICATION: Request should read: "...from years 2013 to current."

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3/12/18 - Provided expected completion date of June 22, 2018. - TCM 4/11/2018: Asked Tammy to clarify which year she is looking for. MA 4/18/18 - Received clarification that it is 2013, not 2103. 5/22/18: Asked Aaron for responsive documents. MA 7/12/18 - Sent email update with expected completion date of August 31, 2018. - TCM 10/5/18 - Final installment of records loaded onto USB for requestor retrieval. Closed request. - TCM