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Good morning- I have two Questions 1. I am looking to understand if there are any developments for parcel No 8562901480 - any permits or applications issued against it? This is behind our property at 446 211th Avenue NE Sammamish therefore I am keen to understand the same. 2. I heard Sammamish City has halted all construction/property development for 6 months. Is this true, if so, is it for any new work or also existing developments underway and also is it only commercial and multi family or is it for single family too. Thanks much in advance Rupesh Khendry Sammamish resident

UPDATE: March 12, 2018: 

Hello - Just checking back in to find out if there is a status change with any active permits or applications on parcel No 8562901480. Please let me know.

Also I understand that the moratorium on new development has been extended for another six months - is that so, it isn't clear from the link on new development, please clarify.

Thanks much in advance.


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3/21/18 - Entered on behalf of Permit Center where request was originally sent and answered via email. - TCM