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Ken Gamblin

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Email documents with a date range of 12/1/17 to 4/4/18. Key words: Kellie Stickney STCA Natalie Price Allison Partners Sammamish Homegrown Sammamish Housing Survey

5/11/18: Please change the date range from 2/1/2018 to 4/7/2018 and omit Kellie Stickney, and Matt Sammwick Mathew Samwick.

5/14/2018: Only containing both STCA and Sammamish Homegrown. Change search parameter to Allison 

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4/11/18: Emailed 5-day letter. First installment will be due April 27, 2018. MA 5/22/18 - Sent responsive emails based on clarifications. Also sent screenshots of the search parameters. - TCM