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Janet Bird

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I would like to have all the legal invoices related to the East Lake Sammamish Trail that have been received so far in 2018 (starting in January to the present) as well as any community contributions related to the trail. I also would like the Accounts Payable Excel spreadsheet (like I was given for PRR#1963) showing the check detail and date the legal invoices were paid. Check No Vendor No Vendor Name Check Date Check Amount Invoice No Description Thank you for your on-going help.

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4/11/18: Forwarded request to Finance. Documents will be available April 27, 2018. MA 4/12/18: Sent 5 day letter. MA 4/24/18 - Sent via email the City's invoices and requested spreadsheet. Waiting for response from CAO regarding a more detailed invoice. - TCM 5/2/18 - Sent attorney-provided invoice to requestor via email and closed request. - TCM