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Richard Johnson

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I live in Sammamish, and I would like to see the values for 

001-015-515-30-41-93 City Attorney- Litigation

from the CAFR 2008 to 2012 (years not on the website). What is the best way to get them? Should I make a formal request? Could you just send me the PDFs?


I am interested in the CAFR as on this page.

If you could send me the ones for 2008 through 2012, that will cover my request.

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4/26/18-Sent email asking for clarification. AK 5/3/18-Emailed asking for response and clarification again. Close request 5/23/18 if no response. AK 5/7/18 - Clarification received. Requested responsive records from Finance Dept. - TCM 5/9/18 - Sent responsive records via email. - TCM