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Travis Maurer

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Building/Planning Department records including original Certificates of Occupancy, Building/Demolition Permits Zoning Designations and/or open Building Code/Zoning violations for the property at: 4425 Issaquah Pine Lake Road SE Sammamish, WA 98075

Status Detail

4/30/18: 5 day response sent due 5/7/18. AK 5/3/18-Darci left voicemail with Mr. Maurer asking for a clarification. AK 5/4/18-Ordered Box 125 from Iron Mountain. AK 5/9/18 - Sent email extending completion date to 5/25/18 and also requesting clarification/confirmation that the request pertains to all units at the condos. Will need to check with Code Compliance to review code cases for potentially exempt content once all records have been collected. - TCM 7/2/18-30 days without any response to clarification email from Mr. Maurer, closed request.AK